As you probably are aware, Windows 11 was formally disclosed some time back, Currently, it is being worked on. Right now just the Windows Insiders approach it, and every week Microsoft is delivering new updates with bug fixes and refreshes. My thought is truly straightforward, move up to Windows 11 in case you are utilizing another Microsoft working framework. However, shouldn’t something be said about you, What are the motivations to move up to Windows 11 from Windows 10 and different adaptations? In this article, I have tried Windows 11 for nearly 30 days and I have these motivations to move up to Windows 11.

10 Major reasons to Upgrade to Windows 11

The followings are the 10 major reasons to upgrade to Windows 11. Stay tuned and enjoy the article.

10 major reasons to upgrade to windows 11
10 Major reasons to upgrade to windows 11

1. DirectX 12 Ultimate help

One of the major reasons to upgrade to windows 11 is the DirectX 12 Ultimate is the place where every one of the highlights of the up-and-coming age of games are accessible in Windows, particularly for games that utilization highlights like Ray Tracing and cross section concealing. Assuming you need the most noteworthy designs and edge settings in the game, having DirectX 12 Ultimate is an absolute necessity for Windows gamers.

2. Auto HDR to Automatically add HDR to fresher games

One of the major reasons to upgrade to windows 11 is the 4K HDR screens are more normal than at any other time, yet there are not many games that help HDR on a PC. HDR can add a ton to a game, yet lamentably, not all games support it. Be that as it may, with Windows 11, Microsoft utilizes Xbox Auto HDR innovation and applies it to all DirectX 11 (or fresher) games running on the working framework.

3. Direct Storage support

One of the major reasons to upgrade to windows 11 is that Everybody realizes that utilizing SSDs will make your PC quicker, yet most current games don’t have the component to capitalize on this speed. Yet, with the PS5 and Xbox series consoles supporting NVMe SSDs, games run at a similar degree of capacity speed. Direct Storage carries this innovation to Windows 11 yet it is just accessible in this variant of Windows.

4. Windows 11 backings various work areas

One of the major reasons to upgrade to Windows 11 is that Windows 10 was additionally supporting numerous work areas yet with a ton of limitations. Thus, this element isn’t new yet some significant changes and updates are incorporated. In Windows 10, to utilize various work areas, everybody needed to utilize a similar foundation, and the utilization of outsider applications was precluded. Windows 11 has a work area with discrete foundations that take into account extra customization for every work area.

multiple desktop
Multiple desktops

5. Snap Groups (to save your designs)

Notwithstanding new predefined and adjustable Snap plans, Snap Groups have likewise been added. Snap Groups are utilized to store explicit plans of explicit applications. For instance, in the event that you need to alter a video and have your video manager on one portion of the page and Media Player on the other, a Snap Group will remind you. Additionally when are projecting your screen, the snap design bunch recollects the settings for those applications you connect sometime later.

snap groups
Snap groups

6. Introduce Android applications

One of the major reasons to upgrade to Windows 11 is that At whatever point I needed to test an Android application inside my PC I needed to utilize an emulator. or then again I needed to introduce any Android rendition inside a VMWare workstation or VirtualBox and I was essentially trying those applications. In any case, with windows 11 that isn’t the case any longer.

Since through the Amazon App Store Microsoft is carrying the Android application to Windows 11. You can straightforwardly download the Android applications inside your windows 11. With the current form of the windows 11 22000.100 in the dev channel, they have quite recently presented the new Windows store. We’ll need to stand by in regards to the presentation and utilizing the outsider applications in windows 11.

7. Snap Layouts

One of the major reasons to upgrade to Windows 11 is that The snap design or screen formats were among the significant component of Windows 7 and since there is certainly not a significant change in it. Be that as it may, with Windows 11 there are enormous and significant changes in the snap formats. These designs are pre-arranged and adjustable snap formats in Windows 11 that have been added to the snap include which is permitting you to make and utilize your own design at whatever point you need. Particularly in case you are a software engineer or a designer, you are utilizing different screens, snap formats are a colossal assistance.

snap layouts
Snap layouts

8. Another Microsoft Store

One of the major reasons to upgrade to Windows 11 is that It was cool that Microsoft added their own Microsoft Store to their working framework. Be that as it may, shockingly, the majority of the applications which were in the Microsoft Store were pointless and basically nobody was utilizing them. Presently Microsoft Store has another plan, and engineers are truly keen on carrying their applications into the Microsoft Store. Since the declaration of Windows 11, numerous organizations are fostering their applications to bring inside the Microsoft Store. What’s more, among them is zoom and WinRAR which were absent from the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft store
Microsoft store

9. Being state-of-the-art

One of the major reasons to upgrade to Windows 11 is that The most important inspiration for moving up to Windows 11 is to be modern, particularly in the present time of ransomware assaults. Windows 11 will be the main framework to get all the security updates and fixes that can influence clients of past renditions of Windows. Regardless of whether you are not intrigued by new highlights, keeping up with security and refreshing ought to be imperative to you.

10. Another Interface (Start Menu in the center)

One of the major reasons to upgrade to Windows 11 is that The new Windows 11 interface is somewhat stunning and cooler contrasted with the more established adaptation of windows. The symbols are focused, another notice community has been presented and the entire symbols are refreshed. In the File Explorer, you will see that the symbols are completely changed and another minimized view has been added to the File Explorer. What’s more, a large portion of the control board settings are presently moved inside the windows settings. Since we are discussing the interface, remember the round corner edges of the window.

Presently I can say that Windows 11 is the option in contrast to the macOS series as far as look and style. A cool new activity has been added to the interface when you are limiting or expanding a window, or you’re opening the window.

generated start menu
Generated start menu


To come clean with you, Windows 11 is undeniably better to analyze than the more established forms of the Windows working framework. Close by these highlights and updates, significant updates are remembered for Linux distros in Windows 11. On the off chance that you recollect in Windows 10, you can introduce Linux, however, in Windows 11 you can run the Graphical Applications of Linux as well. In this way, I trust these reasons persuaded you to move up to Windows 11.

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