4 Ways to Use Two WhatsApp on Android Mobiles 2021

Want to use two WhatsApp on Android mobiles? Yes, you can have two WhatsApp accounts on your single android mobile maybe Samsung or other Android phones. This article will give you the complete instruction how you can use two WhatsApp on Android mobiles. Like, Signal and Telegram WhatsApp is one of the most popular and secure social media app that is used for messaging and video calling services. If you are a business owner and want to have two WhatsApp accounts one personal and the other business then this will help you as it is very important for you.

Two WhatsApp on Android Mobiles
Two WhatsApp on Android mobiles

Moreover, there are lots of other applications on your phone Play Store that will assist you to use two WhatsApp on android mobiles. We will suggest you a third-party app to use two WhatsApp accounts on your android phone.

How to use Two WhatsApp on Android mobiles?

Furthermore, to tell you it’s best for Samsung users. Samsung users can have two WhatsApp accounts on their phone if they want to. There won’t be any kind of problems for them. To do this, your Samsung device must be operating on the latest Google Android 8.0 Oreo. The “Dual Messanger” feature has been announced by the Korean mobile manufacturer. The important thing about this feature is that it enables you to install two different accounts for the same social networking apps or messing services apps.

The feature “Dual Messanger” allows you to use two of the same social networking application on your Samsung mobile. Both social networking applications will have two independent accounts that will work completely independently of each other. Moreover, you can also insulate the contacts for both the accounts registered on your Samsung mobile. The authorized social networking apps are WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype and Telegram. This social networking apps will start appearing in the list when installed on your Samsung device.

Two WhatsApp on Android mobiles
Two WhatsApp on Android mobiles

Moreover, now I will show the four techniques that allows you to use two WhatsApp on your android device

1. Use Two WhatsApp on Samsung Mobile By Samsung Secure Folder

Confused about “Samsung Secure Folder”? Don’t be because I will tell you what it is. Samsung secure folder is a private area of your phone that can also be called the encrypted area. This is used to put pictures, films, videos, tapes, documents, information, and applications safe and secure from the spying eyes. Now this “Samsung Secure Folder” is guarded by the Samsung security Knox. To have this private things away from the spying eyes, I will suggest you use a pin code or a biometric lock 🔐.

Turn on Samsung Secure Folder:

  1. To turn it on, Open the Settings App
  2. Tap on the Biometric and Security
  3. Tap on Secure Folder and enable it.
Two WhatsApp on Android Mobiles. Using Secure folder
Two WhatsApp on Android mobiles. Using Secure Folder.

There is also an easy way to find the secure folder. The easiest way to find the secure folder is to find it from the Notification Bar of your phone.

  • Once opened, tap the agree button
  • Sign in with your Samsung account.
  • Tap ok
  • Choose the lock pattern you like most
  • Tap continue

Choose a Passcode

Set secure Folder Password
Secure Folder Password.
  • Reenter the lock method
  • Tap confirm
  • You will notice a secure folder shortcut to your home
  • And also on your app screen

Two WhatsApp With Secure Folder:

  • Go to the Secure Folder application
  • Tap on the option “Add apps
  • Look for WhatsApp
  • Tap add

Just like that, you will have another WhatsApp app shortcut in your Secure Folder. Now, you can use another number to register in it and you can also use it with the original one at the same time on the same single phone.

Now you will notice that another WhatsApp has appeared on the secure folder. Just like this,

2. Use two WhatsApp on Samsung Mobile using two Messenger

The followings are the instructions that how you can use two WhatsApp on your branded Samsung device using dual messenger:

1. Pre-install the social networking media WhatsApp from your Samsung’s Play store and register urself with your number as a new account

Step 2. Open the Settings app and then click on the Advanced features.

Two WhatsApp on android mobiles. using Dual messanger
Two WhatsApp on Android mobiles. Using dual messenger.

2. Step two follow this

  • Go to the Settings App
  • Tap advanced fratures

3. Choose Dual Messenger.

4. Now turn on the button displayed next to WhatsApp. Then you will notice that a pop-up has appeared. The appearance of the pop-up confirms that the second WhatsApp is going to be installed soon. Now click on the install dual messenger.

5. Go back to the main screen of your Samsung device and you will notice that a new WhatsApp has been installed on the phone. The newly installed WhatsApp may not seem like the pre-installed WhatsApp because it has the dual messenger symbol on it. The symbol is for the recognition of the two WhatsApps that u shouldn’t mix it your personal and professional WhatsApp. Now just open the new WhatsApp and create your account.

3. Use Two WhatsApp on Samsung mobile using Dual Space app

The dual space app is for the users who want to use two accounts of the same app on a single android device. Dual space supports all the social networking applications, almost all. of them. The same it also supports WhatsApp for the second account in it. It will help you to have two WhatsApps on your single mobile device to make it easy to control your personal and professional WhatsApp accounts. Both the apps work fine and reliable completely independent from each other without any interference.

Dual Space App on Play Store
Two WhatsApp on Android mobiles. Using dual space.

Use the following instructions to operate two WhatsApps using Dual Space:

Follow the steps same to same as I tell you. Let’s begin.

  1. Open the Play store App
  2. Search for Dual Space.
  3. When found. Click the installed button
  • When installed. Open Dual Space App.
  • Click on Start button
Dual Space Start button
Two WhatsApp on Android mobiles. Dual Space.

3. You will notice that the social networking apps are already there if you can’t find WhatsApp in there. Then it has an add button to add other social apps, you can add WhatsApp from there.

4. In this step, just open WhatsApp from there and register yourself with your number to make your account.

This was the method of using Dual Space for having two WhatsApp accounts on a single Samsung phone.

4. Install WhatsApp Business

The other easy way without any effort is to install WhatsApp business for having two WhatsApp on Android mobiles. It’s the other social networking app from WhatsApp and Facebook. This also works the same as normal WhatsApp but is the business version of standard WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business On Play store
Two WhatsApp on android mobiles. WhatsApp business.

WhatsApp business is the business version of WhatsApp or can also be called the professional type of WhatsApp. In WhatsApp business, you can have your professional account or business account where u can have your icons, put your catalogs, auto-replies, etc. This method can also help you to have more than one WhatsApp on your single mobile. Moreover, you can also backup your WhatsApp chats into WhatsApp business chats as well.

To have WhatsApp business in your mobile phone,

  • Open the Play Store app
  • Go to the search bar
  • Search for WhatsApp business
  • Find it and click install


There are four basic methods to have two WhatsApp on android mobiles in 2021. Now as we have shown you the way, you can choose whatever method you prefer. Choose the one which will be more favorable for you. You can use one method to have two WhatsApp on Android mobiles or you can use all the methods to have more than two WhatsApp on Android mobiles.

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