Android apps on Windows 11: All you need to know (2021)

How to use Android apps on Windows 11? Although the announcement is grand, this is not the first time Microsoft has tried to allow Android applications on Windows. In 2015, considering the application gap dilemma in the Microsoft Store (later Windows Store), especially for Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft began to develop bridges that allowed developers to extend their Android, iOS, Web and Win32 Adapt applications The work of the program. Under Windows10. In this guide I will teach you how to use Android apps on Windows 11?

Android apps on Windows 11

What is project Astoria?

When rumors about Microsoft’s involvement in Android surfaced in April 2015, the Internet went crazy. Some people even think that Microsoft plans to add an Android emulator to Windows, which will leave bitterness among Windows fans.

During Build 2015, Microsoft clarified its contribution to Android. Furthermore, Microsoft said that Android and iOS developers can port their applications and games to the Windows platform. I will add an Android subsystem to achieve this. The Windows team is quietly developing a development kit that allows Android and iOS developers to interact with Windows. For Android development, developers are told that they can continue to use Java and C++ code when developing for Windows 10.

Developers can still use their existing ObjectiveC code. In other words, Microsoft hopes that it will be easier than ever to port Android and iOS applications to the Windows 10 platform so that developers can more easily host their applications in the Microsoft ecosystem and increase the number of The number of applications. In Microsoft’s view, this seems to be a victory.

Microsoft’s Terry Myerson explained how this new method will work during Build 2015. Basically, when Android or iOS uses certain APIs, the Windows team creates overrides for these APIs. Developers will continue to be able to use these familiar APIs in their games, and Myerson cited Candy Crush on stage as an existing example of how “closed” applications work in the Windows environment (especially Windows Phone).

The idea seems simple to developers. Encourage developers to bring their code, debug it, and then run the application on Windows. Project Astoria (code name for Android / Windows Bridge) and Project Islandwood (code name for iOS / Windows Bridge) are now living concepts, and they both have their own official websites.

How do Android apps on Windows 11?

Existing methods of running Android applications and games on Windows, such as: B. Bluestacks, work at an analog level similar to a console emulator. Emulators such as Bluestacks run a virtual version of the Android device on your computer, which is displayed through an application window on Windows.

Android virtual devices work like physical devices, just like virtual servers in the cloud, so applications and games will think that the device is the one you actually use. The way Microsoft builds Android functionality in Windows looks more like a native solution than Bluestacks, but this solution is more similar to how Apple’s Rosetta platform works on their computers. Rosetta 2 will debut with him at the end of 2020.

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