Apple’s IOS 14.5 Features and Important Fixes

Apple has finally released its latest IOS 14.5 version. It has been long awaited that Apple has updated its new Software Update 14.5. This time Apple has brought many advanced changes, with new features in the IOS 14.5 version. In the Apple’s IOS 14.5 features, we see the App Tracking Transparency, many new emojis have been added. One of the features is unlocking your phone while wearing a mask that we have told you about in our previous articles. Moreover, in this update you can also unlock your phone with your Apple Watch.

In this article; Apple’s IOS 14.5 features, we will give you complete information that what changes has Apple brought in this IOS 14.5 version that was not available in the IOS 14 versions. It’s also said that Apple’s IOS 14.5 version is the best version than other mid-cycle update from Apple.

Apple’s IOS 14.5 Features

The update was released on April 28th.  People were still unaware of most of the amazing feature of IOS 14.5 but most of the IOS 14.5 become clear short awhile after the released has occurred. Where the overall launch notes shows that bugs have been crushed. Moreover, in this update Apple has also publishes new support document about security content.

It’s a great launch for the Apple’s new update 14.5 that it has brought many feature changes, as well as, also changed support document for security content. It has solved some of the Apple’s problem. For example, before one someone has physical access to an IOS device or your iPhone could have access notes from the lock screen. This accessibility problem has been solved in this new IOS 14.5 update.

Moreover, there were also repairs for spam apps referring to the Apple Neural Engine. Something that affected IOS devices going back to the older iPhones, now thanks to Apple’s IOS 14.5 update that has improved input validation.


FaceTime had been influenced by a circumstance where quiet wasn’t empowered when it ought to have been (which could be humiliating for all concerned). This has been routed, to save your reddens.

Apple’s IOS 14.5 Features, FaceTime

Password Manager

Previously, password manager had been exposed to showing user’s password on the IOS screen that was nor preferable for most of the users. But this time as apple has made changes in  most of the part and has also sorted out this issue to in the Apple’s IOS 14.5 features. Some of the other problems have also been solved; like, has solved incoming call issues that were answered improperly. The other problem that Apple has solved in the IOS 14.5 is the problems in the shortcuts that it used to allow access to private files. It won’t do it anymore in the IOS 14.5 version.


Apple has also brought some changes in the wallet section. Wallet has always been one of the most essential apps in the iPhone and nobody wants to discuss about it. Previously, private documents could be viewed in the wallet that was sensitive and impropriate. Apple has solved this problem too and is not viewed anymore.

Apple’s IOS 14.5 Features, iPhone SE


WebKit has been a focused point in the previous updates too but this time and in this update apple has worked more on it. This time in IOS 14.5 Apple has done their best to prevent malicious content, arbitrary code execution and other concerns.

In a news interview, that was on April 27th. Erik Neuenschwander; who is working as the head of privacy, in Apple Company has told that Apple has defended the most controversial part of the new update (IOS 14.5) is the App Tracking Transparency. He also added that, this new innovation can benefit both iOS users and other companies.

App Tracking Transparency (ATT)

Erik said that Apple had a different plan for the launching of App Tracking Transparency (ATT). Apple wanted to launch App Tracking Transparency much early. But Apple took the time to respond to the feedbacks of the developers. It also modified SKADNetwork. SKEDNetwork is a tool that lets companies and advertisers trace the state of their marketing campaign. Erik told that ATT is designed to provide great experiences without shortchanging any of the privacy protections.

Erik concluded his words about ATT by saying, “ATT grew out of a desire to give users increased choice and visibility into a particular kind of data use, that was a concern to them. And that’s what motivates us for all the things that we build into our products.”

Compatible IOS Devices

Apple’s IOS 14.5 version is not for all the IOS Devices but only for the compatible IOS devices. The IOS Devices which are compatible for this update are iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, iPod touch 7th Generation, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and other latest IOS Devices.

As you all know, updating is simple. Apple itself send you notification to update your mobile. But just in case if it doesn’t notify you then follow this instruction.

Apple’s IOS 14.5 Features, iPhone 13

Go to Settings App > general > software update and you will find the new update. Just tap update now and your phone will start updating to the latest version of IOS software, the 14.5 version. The update may take a while because this time it’s a large file of 1.19 GB and I think it really worth waiting for.

Apple’s IOS 14.5 Features

There are a lot of things to see in this new update as we have described above. But now we will go a little deep in details.

Unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch

We have already written an article on this before. This time due to Covid 19 Apple has added a feature of fast face detection. You can unlock your phone while wearing a mask or you can also unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch. To know how to do it click > how to unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch.

Apple’s IOS 14.5 Features, setting apple watch

New Emoji

Apple has already introduced a lot of new emoji in the previous updates but this time Apple has added more than 200 emoji in this new update. Just go and give it a check in your iPhone.

Apple’s IOS 14.5 Features, 200 new emoji

Battery maintenance

In the IOS 14.5, your IOS Device will automatically maintain your battery performance and will give you the analysis of the battery and app performance. It informs you that which app is draining your battery. For your information, let me tell you that this feature is only for iPhone 11 series and 12 series.

Siri’s New Voices

Before this you had only one voice option for Seri but that’s not anymore. But this time you will have some voice options with the selection of your preferred gender.

Apple’s IOS 14.5 Features, Siri’s new voices

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