How to Connect Samsung DeX Wireless to Windows 10 PC or Laptop

How to Connect Samsung DeX Wireless to Windows 10 PC or Laptop? Are you looking for a way to connect Samsung DeX wireless to your laptop or to get DeX wirelessly on a PC? Samsung DeX Wireless is a useful new feature available on Samsung Galaxy devices running Android 10 based on One UI 2.5. Previously you had to use Samsung DeX on your laptop or smart TV via cable, but now you can wirelessly connect Samsung DeX Wireless to your PC/laptop or smart TV. So, in this article, you will learn how to connect Samsung DeX Wireless to Windows 10 PC or laptop, but first, let’s know some basics.

Samsung Wireless DeX in One UI 2.5

Support for wireless DeX is one of the most important new features in One UI 2. This feature allows you to view the screen of your phone on a compatible TV or PC, and use multi-finger gestures as a touchpad to control Windows TV and PC.

Samsung DeX has many different functions that best suit your needs. Samsung DeX mode allows your device to have a PC-like experience on the big screen, and use the same applications as your phone every day. Finally, you can use DeX mode on the display while using different applications on the device at the same time, or turn the device into an input device to control the DeX environment.

The best part is that it is free. The DeX platform is built into the software of many new Samsung mobile devices. All you need to start using DeX is a screen like a PC or laptop. You don’t need a USB cable or Samsung DeX app.

Benefits of Using Samsung DeX on Windows/Mac on Samsung Galaxy

  • Easy file transfers between Windows and Dex.
  • You can answer calls and send text messages on the phone with the DeX window while you are still working on your PC apps and files.
  • A great alternative to apps like BlueStacks to play Android-only games on the big screen.
  • Increase productivity with a mobile desktop.

Wireless DeX Requirements

If you want to set up and use Samsung Wireless DeX on the Windows 10 laptop or PC. You’ll need the following requirements:

  1. Any Laptop running on Windows 10/7 or MacOS versions above 10.13
  2. A Samsung Galaxy S9 or Later running on Samsung One UI 2.5 based on Android 10.

How to Connect Samsung DeX Wireless to Windows 10 PC or Laptop

Before you begin, make sure that both of your devices (your Samsung Galaxy & Windows PC) are connected to the same network.

Follow the below steps carefully to connect and use Samsung DeX Wireless on PC and laptop on Windows 10:

  • Press the + I key to open “Settings”, find the system and select it.
  • Now, click “Project on this PC” in the left column and make sure that the “Available Anywhere” option is selected under “Available Anywhere”.
  • If allowed, some Windows and Android devices can project images on this computer.
  • Now, swipe down twice on the Samsung Galaxy device on the notification panel or the quick settings panel, and then tap the DeX option on the Samsung smartphone.
  • Now, select your PC name to connect and use Samsung DeX Wireless on the PC, and click “Get Started”.
  • You will then receive a notification informing you that [phone] is trying to project an image on the screen of a Windows PC or laptop.
  • Then select “Always Allow” and click “OK”. Now, Samsung DeX Wireless has successfully connected to your laptop or PC wirelessly.
  • To use your phone as a touchpad, open the “Notifications” panel and select “Use your phone as a touchpad.”
  • You will now see the touchpad on the phone screen. The S Pen moves the pointer and accesses your application.
How to Connect Samsung DeX Wireless to Windows 10 PC or Laptop
step-by-step picture guide

If you want to disconnect the feature, swipe down twice the notification panel and simply turn off the DeX option.

Disconnecting DeX

Final Words

That’s all. In this way, you can use and connect Samsung DeX Wireless to Windows 10 PC or laptop. If needed, you can now simply connect your phone to the computer and control the cursor movement from there. Say no to the touchpad! good luck! !

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