How to Download and Use a Data Types Template in Microsoft Excel

How to Download and Use a Data Types Template in Microsoft Excel? If you use Microsoft Excel data types to get more information, such as region, availability, food, etc., adding a template is best for you. Microsoft provides templates for various types of data so that you can track various items. , We will help you easily download and use a Data Types Template in Microsoft Excel.

These templates can help you use city data types to plan your move, inventory data types to track your investments, and food data types to track your diet. But of course this is not all!

Download and Use a Data Types Template in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft 365 users and users who use the web version of Excel or participate in the Office Insider Program can use the Excel data type. Remember, the information comes from online sources, so you need to be connected to the Internet.

Next, I will show you how to load and use data type templates.

Download a Data Types Template in Microsoft Excel

You can view and download available templates from the Microsoft Discovery Data Type Template website. At the time of writing this article, there are about a dozen handy templates available, each with a brief description of its purpose.

download and use a Data Types Template in Microsoft Excel
Downloading a Template

When you find the template you want to test, click its name (download link) on the Microsoft template website. Depending on whether you are using Windows or Mac and the browser you are using, you may be prompted to save the file… or open it directly in Excel.

You can also:

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  • Keep a record of what you eat, set goals for your meals, analyze recipes and learn a lot of nutrition.
  • Track your activities and workout routines. Maintain a stock portfolio.
  • Use Templates for Data

Use Templates for Data Types in Microsoft Excel

After downloading the template, open it in Microsoft Excel and use it from scratch. However, the welcome tab will help you understand how to use a specific template and provide a short and useful summary.

It is slightly different from other templates, but they all start by entering all keywords and phrases. In this tutorial, we will use the movie list template.

This template is a great way to track your favorite movies, view content such as cast and box office numbers, and merge your ratings and reviews. You can first type a keyword or phrase in a cell that fits your data type. Enter the title of the movie in the movie list.

enter a keyword or a phrase

After entering the article, the template will take over and fill in the rest of the details.

If you cannot find the date of a word or phrase, you will see a question mark next to it. Click the icon to open the “Select Data” sidebar, and then find and select the appropriate item.

data selector

Some templates add multiple task tabs based on the data type, and these tabs will also be filled.

For example, the movie list template has one tab for the actual movie list and another tab for the board and actors. Movies to be added to the list as a poster frame, including ratings and movies by genre and age.


The drop-down list at the top of the “Transfer” tab displays the movies you want to add to the list. When you select a movie, this field displays the actors, directors, and producers of that movie.

Movie info

Other tabs in the template can also contain additional information. When you use the sample movie list to go to the stream tab, you can click the contact icon next to the name to view the stream details.

cast details

If you want to check the details of data types that are not in the table, this is easy. Just click the data type icon next to it. Just like the actor icon above, a data card will open. Drag to change the size or scroll to see more details.

data card

After receiving one of these templates, check the icon on each tab for more information. When you are done, you need to save the file like any other Microsoft Excel workbook.

Then open it at any time to add data. all! download and use a Data Types Template in Microsoft Excel is that simple. In my experience, this is very simple and straightforward. good luck!

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