How to Enable picture-in-picture in YouTube

How to Enable picture-in-picture in YouTube? You may want to listen to YouTube music or enjoy multitasking. Don’t worry, we are ready for you. In this article, I will show you how to enable picture-in-picture in YouTube.

After enabling this feature, you can do other things while listening to songs. For example, you can view your Facebook, pictures, messages, chat with loved ones, and perform many other tasks while listening to your favorite music. Follow the steps below to enable picture-in-picture in YouTube.

How Picture-in-Picture Mode Works?

Picture-in-picture shrinks the video into a small player, which can be moved to the home screen and placed in other applications. This feature allows you to continue listening to your favorite YouTube songs while using other applications on your mobile device.

To start picture-in-picture playback while playing a video in the YouTube app, press the home button on your Android device. The video is reduced to the picture-in-picture window. Go to other applications. To resume playback in the YouTube application, double-click the picture-in-picture. To completely disable picture-in-picture, you can drag it to the bottom of the screen.

If you enable this feature, you will be able to continue multitasking on your Android device. When you watch a movie and press the home button on your Android device, the video will be compressed to one side of the Android device, and you can use another part of the home screen to perform other tasks…

Apps Compatible with picture-in-picture

You have learned how to enable the picture-in-picture feature on Android, and now you may want to know which apps are supported.

Some apps support picture-in-picture mode on Android devices. Because Android devices are compatible with Google, Android uses popular Google applications that support picture-in-picture mode.

These are YouTube Premium, Google Maps, Google Chrome, Google Play Services, Gmail, Google Play Movies and TV, etc. However, in YouTube picture-in-picture mode, you must subscribe to YouTube Premium (formerly known as YouTube Red). An ad-free platform.

The picture-in-picture mode also applies to the company’s streaming service YouTube TV. In addition, some social networking applications also support picture-in-picture functions. Picture modes such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and VLC and MX video players all support picture-in-picture mode.

How to Enable picture-in-picture in YouTube

  • Go to Google Chrome or YouTube and find a video clip, play the video and set it to full screen.
How to Enable picture-in-picture in YouTube
  • When installing the video in full screen mode.
  • Press the start button to start playing the video in picture-in-picture mode.
  • Drag the video to the sides of the Android screen.
  • You can install it wherever you want.
  • You can start and use other applications while watching movies.

To close the video, click on the video, you can see the cross on the right side, click on that to close the video.


When multitasking on our Android phones at the same time, we need to find a way to complete all tasks on our Android phones at the same time. The solution is to use the picture-in-picture function. Enable these features and multitasking on your Android phone.

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