How to Block Spam On Google Drive? 1 Easy Method.

How to Block Spam On Google Drive?

You may not consider Google Drive a spot for spam, yet it is a genuine issue. Spammers can share malignant or spam-filled records with you and they end up in your rundown of documents. Fortunately, it’s feasible to hinder individuals.

How to block spam on google drive
Block spam on google drive

Block Spam On Google Drive

All that gets shared to your Google Drive record can be found on the suitably named “Imparted To Me” tab. This is the place where we can obstruct individuals who have sent undesirable things to you. Head over to in an internet browser and discover the tab.

Shared with me

Then, search for the culpable record or document that was shipped off you. Right-click the document to raise a menu.


From the spring up menu, select “”


Affirm your choice by clicking “block” on the following spring up.


At the point when you block somebody on Google Drive, it keeps them from having the option to impart anything to you later on. It likewise eliminates every one of the current records from them and any admittance to documents you’ve given them. You can oversee who you’ve obstructed by visiting the blocklist on your Google Account.

It’s just as simple as that! This is an extremely straightforward component, yet in case you’ve been focused on by spam in Google Drive, it’s an exceptionally pleasant thing to think about.

We don’t see this component on portable yet as of its delivery in July 2021, however ideally, Google will add it soon.

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