How to Block Websites on Mac (Catalina & Big Sur). 2 Easy Methods

How to Block Websites on Mac (Catalina & Big Sur)

In this instructional exercise, we are demonstrating how to block websites on Mac (macOS Catalina and macOS Big Sur) utilizing Terminal and Screen Time. Most internet browsers give modules to help you stay useful and not open the sites on which you are fooling around, however you can go above and beyond by essentially impeding your PC from getting to explicit sites out and out.

These days, there will in any case be a couple of interruptions that will haul you jobless. You can browse your messages consistently, perusing your Instagram, Facebook, or watch YouTube recordings, and so on Obstructing these sites will keep you use while you’re working, and here are a few strategies that can help you block sites on Mac.

How to Block Websites on Mac?
How to Block Websites on Mac?

Block a Website Using Terminal

In the meantime, in case you are utilizing a more seasoned Mac variant like macOS Mojave or prior then it’s smarter to impede block websites on your Mac utilizing the Terminal application.

Stage 1. Open the Terminal. You can track down the Terminal application by utilizing the Spotlight.

Stage 2. Type the order line underneath and hit Enter:

sudo nano/and so forth/has

Stage 3. Enter the director’s secret word.

Stage 4. When you enter the secret phrase effectively, the host’s document will be opened by Terminal.

Stage 5. Make another line by squeezing the up or down bolt catch and afterward type the IP “” + “Space” + “URL or Website address.” And type another URL or Website address following similar advances.

For instance:

Block Websites on Mac using terminal
Block websites on Mac using terminal

Stage 6. At the point when you have done the rundown of locales or URLs, you can save the host’s record by squeezing the Ctrl + O and afterward hit the Return button. At long last, press the Ctrl + X to leave the screen.

To unblock, simply erase the locales or URLs which you have added to the host’s document, press the Ctrl + O, and afterward hit the Return button. At last, press the Ctrl + X to leave the screen.

Block Websites On Mac using Screen Time

The Mac Screen Time highlight is a new element and is accessible in macOS Catalina or macOS Big Sur. On the off chance that your Mac is running a more seasoned rendition, you will not have the option to utilize the Screen Time alternative. By utilizing Screen Time, confining clients to getting to the web, hindering sites can be helpful in the event that you don’t need the individuals who utilize your Mac to get to sites like web-based media, informal communication, grown-up content, and then some. Here are the means by which to block websites on Mac.

Here’s the manner by which to hinder sites on Mac with the Screen Time alternative:

Note: To utilize Screen Time, ensure your Mac is state-of-the-art, else it will not work, it requires the macOS Catalina or later updates. Whenever you’ve moved up to macOS Catalina and Big Sur, follow the beneath steps.

Stage 1. Snap the Apple logo at the upper left-hand corner and afterward select System Preferences to enter the framework inclinations.

Stage 2. Snap-on Screen Time.

Stage 3. On the following window, click on the Content and Privacy choice situated on the left side. In the interim, if the Content and Privacy Restrictions is wound down, turn it on by tapping on the ‘Turn On.

Stage 4. Presently, pick the alternative Limit Adult Websites and snap Customize to consequently obstruct a lot of grown-up sites that are on Apple’s information base.

stages to block websites on mac
Stages to block websites on Mac

Stage 5. Under the Restricted segment at the base, click on the (+) symbol.

Stage 6. Type the URL of the site to obstruct or limit from review and snap OK. In any case, you can add as numerous sites to your decision. Whenever you have done it, visit the site by dispatching the Safari program, you will not have the option to get to it.

Stage 7. Snap OK finally by and by.

stages to block websites on mac
Stages to block websites on Mac

That’ it. Notice that this additionally reaches out to outsider programs like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In the event that you feel the client realizes how to erase hindered sites by visiting Screen Time, it is simpler to utilize a password for Screen Time.

Unblock Websites On Mac using Screen Time

  1. Snap the Apple logo > System Preferences > Screen Time.
  2. Snap on Content and Privacy.
  3. Presently, pick the choice Limit Adult Websites and snap Customize.
  4. Snap on the impeded site under the Restricted segment at the base, click on the (- ) symbol to unblock.
  5. Snap OK to save the changes.


This is the manner by which you can block websites on Mac (Catalina and Big Sur) by utilizing worked-in highlights like Terminal and Screen Time. Notwithstanding, Screen is just accessible for macOS Catalina and macOS Big Sur. We trust that by utilizing the Terminal application and Screen Time, you can impede all pointless and improper sites for the security of your kids, and doing as such this is the simplest way for hindering sites on your Mac.

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