How to Change the Call Screen Background on Samsung (One UI 3.0)

It has been a long time since changing the wallpaper of the call screen on Samsung or any other smartphone. Unfortunately, there is no built-in background call function on Android and iOS mobile devices. Some third-party applications.

To change the call screen background on samsung galaxy is not always correct. With the introduction of Samsung One UI 3.0 with the introduction of Android 11, you can set the call screen background on Samsung Galaxy S10, S20, Note 10, Note 10 and other Galaxy devices. How to use a UI 3.0 based on Android 11 to change the call screen background on Samsung Galaxy.

How to Change the Call Screen Background on Samsung Galaxy (One UI 3.0)

Please note that this feature is only available on Galaxy devices with One UI 3.0 under Android 11. To use and apply this feature, you need to upgrade the operating system to Android 11 (UI 3.0). After you have changed the call screen background on Samsung Galaxy device but have not yet upgraded to Android 11, you need to follow some steps when upgrading to Android OS to change the Samsung call screen wallpaper.

Here’s how to set a background image for the call screen on Galaxy devices:

Step#1. Open the Phone app.

Step#2. Click the three dots icon and tap on the Settings.

How to Change the Call Screen Background on Samsung

Step#3. In the Call settings menu, you see a new feature called “Call background”, tap on it.

Step#4. Click on the Layout option at the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

Step#5. Choose how to show information about the person you’re talking to. As of now, there are only 2 layout options.

Step#6. To set a background image or a video, click on the Background at the bottom right-hand of your screen.

Step#7. There you can either choose the system images even select any custom photo by tapping on the + icon.

Step#8. After choosing your desired custom call background image, select Set as call background.

Updated (One UI 3.0) Android 11

One of the most anticipated features that all of us want to experience at Samsung is to change the screen background of incoming calls. One of the latest features developed by Samsung that allows you to choose the appearance of the screen for incoming calls. That may also change. How to display caller information. To learn more about the exciting new features in Samsung One UI 3.0 for Android 11, click here.

But, of course, you know that not all eligible devices will be upgraded to Android 11 for the Galaxy S and Note series. In the Galaxy A and Galaxy series, advanced models usually outperform mid-range and budget models. Yes it is. Click here to get a complete list of Galaxy devices on which Samsung One UI 3.0 based on Android 11 can be here.

Final Thoughts

This is a quick guide on how to change the call screen wallpaper in Samsung One UI 3.0 based on Android 11. Android is known for its custom features, and for Samsung enthusiasts, having a wallpaper for display would be a great feature. We are tired of seeing the old UI call screen.

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