How to connect JBL Earbuds With Your Phone / PC? (2022)

JBL has long been a leader in the development of high-quality headphones and earbuds with superior sound. JBL headphones or earbuds are a wonderful choice for you whether you prefer streaming the latest programs, gaming, or listening to music at home or on the go. In this article, I will give you complete information about earbuds. I will also give you information about all kinds of JBL earbuds available in the market. We’ll teach you how to smoothly pair and connect JBL earbuds with your phone or PC in this blog post.

What are Earbuds?

Simply said, earbuds are a more convenient, pleasant, and probably less expensive alternative to headphones. A studio-quality earbud will cost a fraction of the price of a studio-quality headset. There are many various varieties of earbuds, just as there are many different types of headphones. Flat earbuds that perch on the tip of your ear, in-ear-canal earphones, and noise-isolating earbuds are all options. With each passing year, it appears that there are more and more earbuds on the market. Every year, a new firm emerges, while many others are crushed and burned.

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Difference Between Headphones & Earbuds

Before guiding you on how to pair and connect JBL earbuds with your phone, let me also tell you the difference between headphones and earbuds. The difference is written below.


Earbuds are much more compact than headphones. This does not, however, imply that sound quality must be compromised. A decent earphone, on the other hand, may easily equal the sound quality of headphones. Here’s another benefit – you can hardly feel (and see) them. The majority of devices are worn in the ear, however, there are other in-ear variants available. All of these earbuds truly penetrate your ear canal and hence remain in place quite effectively, as the name implies.

Do you want to have your music with you at all times? Then earphones are the perfect option for you since their compact size allows them to slip into any purse or pocket. Choose truly wireless earphones to make life even easier. They don’t have a cord to untangle and instead use Bluetooth to connect to your phone, laptop, or PC.


Although headphones are bulky, their bigger speakers are better at reducing outside noise. Do you appreciate extra-large speakers that totally encircle the ear? Then over-ear headphones are ideal for you. On-ear headphones are a little smaller and sit on the ear comfortably. It’s entirely up to you to choose the model you like.

Furthermore, many headphones come with essential additions like noise cancellation. You’ll be able to operate in complete silence at all times and in any location. Is it important for you to be able to move around freely while listening to music? Then think about getting a Bluetooth-enabled wireless model.

Types OF JBL Earbuds:

JBL has always been one of the great companies in the tech world. It has always launched great products and given the best services. Likewise, one of its great products is the JBL earbuds. JBL earbuds are one of the best earbuds in the market with different models, types, and shapes. Let’s find out how many of them are available for us.

JBL Tune 230NC and Tune 130NC

These new truly wireless earbuds, according to JBL, outperform the JBL Tune 125 TWS and JBL Tune 225 TWS. The Tune 230NC has an upgraded silicone tip and greater bass performance, whereas the Tune 130NC adds Active Noise Cancellation to a more classic earphone shape.

Both earbuds have four microphones, Bluetooth 5.2 compatibility, Google Smart Ambient, and Fast Pair, as well as IPX4 water and sweat resistance, Dual Connect + Sync, Google Assistant, and Alexa access.

JBL Live 300TWS

Take control of your surroundings. JBL LIVE 300TWS in-ear headphones keep you connected to your music and your surroundings. With fantastic JBL Signature Sound, it’s true wireless and wire-free for ultimate flexibility. Noise control allows you to tune in or out, Ambient Aware allows you to keep aware of your surroundings, and TalkThru allows you to communicate with pals without having to take off your headphones.

Hands-free calling, volume, and noise control are all accessible via the touch controls for added convenience, as are Hey Google () and Alexa (*). Speed charge provides you a quick boost, ensuring that you never go without music. To select your perfect pair, choose from a variety of hues. Not in terms of scale, but in terms of power.   Only Android  is supported. When utilizing this device, you’ll need Android 6.0 or above to have full access to Alexa’s functionalities.

JBL Tune 115TWS

The JBL Tune 115TWS wireless earbuds have a distinctive design, are lightweight, have a strong sound with booming bass, and allow you to use your favorite virtual assistant hands-free. The Tune 115 TWS wireless earbuds lack a sophisticated microphone setup and aren’t compatible with JBL’s mobile app, which is crucial to know. The buds’ maximum battery life of 6 hours isn’t very impressive, but it’s more than plenty for the price. Their USB-C charging case has a capacity of more than two full charges.

JBL Tune 225TWS

The JBL Tune 225TWS earphone is ideal for sports and fitness. They’re light and comfortable to wear. While they only filter a little amount of ambient noise, they may be handy if you’re out and about and want to stay aware of your surroundings. Unfortunately, they don’t have built-in volume controls, so you’ll have to make this adjustment using your phone.

JBL Live Pro+ TWS

Active noise cancellation, 11mm dynamic drivers, and a bass-forward sound are all features of the JBL Live Pro+ TWS earbuds. These earbuds offer a decent fit, are well-made, and are water-resistant to IPX4 standards. With 7 hours on the earbuds and another 21 hours on the charging case, you get a total of 28 hours of listening time. The earbuds include six microphones that work together for ANC and calls.

Pair & Connect JBL Earbuds With Your Phone

Now that you get some information about earbuds and models of JBL earbuds available in the market, it’s time now to show you the ways to connect your JBL earbuds with your phone or PC. There are some simple and easy ways to do it. Follow below:

Connect JBL earbuds with your iPhone

If you are an iPhone user and want to connect your JBL earbuds with your Phone, you can pair it with the help of below instructions.

  • Firstly, get your “JBL Earbuds” into a pairing or connecting mode.
  • Open “Settings” on your iPhone
  • Now, tap on “Bluetooth” option appearing on the setting page.
  • “Turn on” the “Bluetooth” option. Available devices will show up.
  • Then tap on the “JBL Earbuds” from the list showing and it will automatically connect with your iPhone.

Note: Want to disconnect “JBL Earbuds” with your iPhone. Open the Bluetooth page and tap on the JBL earbuds and tap “Disconnect” or “Forget this device”. This was how you can unpair JBL Earbuds with your iPhone.

Pair JBL earbuds with your MacBook and Mac

You can also connect your “JBL earbuds” with your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac. To do it follow the following steps:

  • Firstly, put your “JBL Earbuds” on the pairing mode.
  • Open “System Preferences” on your mac device.
  • Double click on the Bluetooth logo to open it.
  • Now turn Bluetooth on appearing under the Bluetooth logo.
  • List of devices will appear on the screen, click on “JBL Earbuds” from the devices and tap on the “Connect” option.
  • That’s it! You have successfully connected your MacBook With your JBL Earbuds.

Want to disconnect your “JBL Earbuds” with your Mac. Simply open “system preferences > Bluetooth” and then click on the Cross or right click and click on Disconnect. Then you will be disconnected.

Pair your JBL earbuds with an Android Phone

To connect your “JBL Earbuds” with your phones operating on Android system like Samsung, OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi and Google Pixel etc. This is the way how you can do it:

  • Put you “JBL Earbuds” into the pairing mode
  • Then open the “Settings App” on your android phone.
  • Tap on the “Bluetooth” option on the settings page
  • “Turn on” the “Bluetooth” option and the available devices will start appearing.
  • Tap on the “JBL Earbuds” from the available devices and tap “Connect”
  • Thus you are connected with your “JBL Earbuds” with your android phone.

To Disconnect, simply go back to the Settings App on your android phone. Open the Bluetooth sub-page and tap on “JBL Earbuds” and click on the “Disconnect” option or “Forget this device” option.

Connect your JBL earbuds to a Windows PC

JBL earbuds can also be connected with the systems running on windows operating system like windows 11/10. To do it so, follow the steps below:

  • Press the “Windows key + I” button together to open the “Settings App”.
  • Click on the “Bluetooth and Devices” on the right side of the “Windows Settings”.
  • Click on the “Bluetooth Toggle” to turn it on.
  • Now put your “JBL Earbuds” on the pairing mode to connect it with your PC.
  • Tap on Add Devices on the Windows Settings.
  • Select Bluetooth from the listed options on your computer screen.
  • Your PC will search for available devices and “JBL Earbuds” will appear and then you can click connect.
  • Thus you are connected.

To disconnect your “JBL Earbuds” with your PC, Simply open the “Bluetooth” menu. Click on the three dots menu on the right side of the “JBL Earbuds” and tap on the “Disconnect” button. Thus you are disconnected.


Q1. Why won’t my JBL earbuds connect to Bluetooth?

Because pairing difficulties are the most typical cause of one of your JBL earbuds not working, just unplugging your earphones from your Bluetooth device and resetting your JBL earbuds should, in most situations, resolve the issue. In certain circumstances, cleaning the charging pins in the casing will solve the problem.

Q2. Why is my Bluetooth pairing rejected?

If the battery level is too low, some devices’ smart power management may switch off Bluetooth. If your phone or tablet won’t connect, check sure both it and the device you’re trying to pair with have enough battery power.


This post demonstrated how to connect your JBL headphones with your phone or computer. We demonstrated how to link them to your Windows, Android, iPhone, and Mac devices. We also looked at various JBL earbuds and answered some common questions about them. Finally, please leave any questions or recommendations in the comments section below. If you found this article helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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