How to Create a Spotify Listening Party on Discord for Android

Discord allows you to use Spotify Premium and Listen features to host virtual group gathering sessions and stream your favorite tracks to your friends. Here, I will show you how to create a Spotify Listening on Discord for Android phone.

What is Spotify Listening Party?

Spotify group meetings are suitable for users who want to chat virtual (especially in difficult times). In a group meeting, all Premium users can have up to 5 friends, or you can create a link to share with your family (you also need this link) Spotify Premium can stream the same content in real time throughout the group.

Imagine that each user has a separate device, and everyone can control the track from a safe and socially distant location. However, even outside the quarantine area, group activities can be useful for people who want to arrange long-distance calls and virtual parties to listen to music.

Create a Spotify Listening Party on Discord for Android Phones

You can also use Spotify’s group chat feature to listen to music with friends. However, you cannot chat with them, and you can only have up to five friends at a time. It is easy to talk about discord. The setting method is as follows.

Participate in the Spotify group listening (group meeting) in two steps:

Step 1. Connect Your Spotify Account to Discord

Spotify Premium users can link the service to Discord and view the music they are listening to in Discord status.

  • To do so, open the Discord app for your PC or Mac.
  • Then, pick out the equipment icon subsequent for your Discord username with inside the bottom-proper corner.
  • Now, whilst your Settings display screen appears, pick out the “Connections” choice with inside the sidebar.
  • Next, in “Connections,” click on the Spotify icon.
  • A new browser window could be opened so you can register together along with your Spotify account details. After signing up, you get hold of a affirmation of your Spotify account related to Discord.
  • Turn lower back to the Discord app. Under the “Connections” section, discover your related Spotify account and permit the choice for “Display on profile.”
  • Then, press the Escape key to shut the “User Settings” page.
Create a Spotify Listening Party on Discord for Android
(step-by-step picture guide)

After that, every time you stream music from Spotify, the Discord profile will show the “Listening to Spotify” status on all servers you created and joined.

Step 2. Create a Spotify Listening Party on Discord for Android

After linking Spotify to Discord, you can create a new Discord server, or you can use an existing server to host a small group of listeners through Spotify. After that, you need to invite your friends to join Discord and your server.

  • To create a Spotify cluster listening party on Discord, first, open the Spotify app on your mechanical man phone and play any song.
  • Then, notice the music party server within the Discord app. after you find a inexperienced play icon on the and button, you’re able to begin the Spotify listening party.
  • faucet on the ‘+‘ button and choose the choice to ask the channel to pay attention to Spotify.
  • once the “Listen on Invite” window pops open, kind in a further comment if you want, or click the “Send Invite” button.
Create a Spotify Listening Party on Discord for Android

This invitation link is dynamic, and the name of the song will continue to change as the music plays. The profile icon will appear in the invitation box, where your friends will join the video stream. Then you can manually change the song or playlist to host a party.

Note: Only Spotify Premium account users can join in and use the “Listen Along” feature. Otherwise, they will get an error and won’t be able to play the songs.

Final Words

Music brings energy into your life. Now you know how to create a party to listen to Spotify on Discord. So, go to your Discord account, open the vibrant songs in Spotify, and invite your friends over. Likewise, you can revive their lives. . have fun!

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