How to Create macOS Monterey ISO Image File? 2 easy steps.

How to Create macOS Monterey ISO Image File

In this article, I will tell you the best way to create macOS Monterey ISO image file. macOS Monterey ISO is for Installing macOS Monterey on VMware or Virtualbox. We have effectively made a bit by bit guide for on How to make macOS Big Sur ISO Image and how to introduce macOS Big Sur on VirtualBox and VMware. You should be on a genuine Mac (otherwise known as Macintosh) or have macOS introduced as VM.

In the event that you don’t have a Macintosh, I suggested utilize the accompanying guide and introduce macOS Catalina on VMware. or on the other hand Install macOS Big Sur on VMware on Windows.

How to create macOS Monterey ISO Image File

Steps to Create macOS Monterey ISO Image File

Follow the below steps to create macOS Monterey ISO File easily.

Download macOS Monterey From Apple

Create & Mount an empty Disk Image using hdiutil

Use the Createinstallmedia command to make the disk image bootable with macOS

Unmount the Disk Image

Covert the Disk Image to ISO image

  • There are 2-approaches to download macOS Monterey from Apple. On the off chance that you have a designer account, visit Snap on Discover > macOS > Download. Sign in with your engineer account then, at that point look down and click the Install Profile button for macOS Monterey Beta introduce. assuming you don’t an engineer account, download macOS Beta profile from
  • Subsequent to downloading the macOS Beta Access Utility.dmg open it. At the point when the entrance utility window opens, Right-click on macOS Beta Access Utility.pkg then, at that point click Open > Continue > Agree > Install > Enter your Password > Install programming > Close.
  • At long last, the Software Update window will open then you can begin to download the macOS Monterey straightforwardly from Apple’s worker. So click Upgrade Now and sit tight for the download cycle to wrap up. It might require 10-20 minutes relying upon your web speed.
  • When the download of macOS Monterey is done, try to stop the installer by click on Install macOS Monterey > Quit Install macOS or squeezing Command + Q.
  • When macOS is downloaded then Open Terminal and type the accompanying order to make a vacant circle picture. Type your secret phrase when provoked. Create macOS Monterey ISO image file.

sudo hdiutil create -o /tmp/Monterey -size 16384m -volname Monterey -layout SPUD -fs HFS+J

  • Then, Mount the plate picture to/Volumes/BigSur.

sudo hdiutil attach /tmp/Monterey.dmg -noverify -mountpoint /Volumes/Monterey

  • Presently will utilize the Createinstallmedia order to make the plate picture bootable with macOS Monterey.

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ 12\ –volume /Volumes/Monterey –nointeraction

  • Unmount the Disk Image which is arranged from BigSur to Install macOS Monterey and bootable with macOS Monterey ISO picture.

hdiutil eject -force /Volumes/Install\ macOS\ 12\ Beta

  • Covert and rename the Disk Image to ISO

hdiutil convert /tmp/Monterey.dmg -format UDTO -o ~/Desktop/Monterey

mv -v ~/Desktop/Monterey.cdr ~/Desktop/Monterey.iso

sudo rm -fv /tmp/Monterey.dmg

Note: running the rm – rf orders will do the cleanup and eliminate all the superfluous record (plate picture) from the/tmp organizer. Despite the fact that assuming you don’t do it, it will be naturally be eliminated sooner or later.

Subsequent to running every one of the orders appropriately you should create macOS Monterey ISO image file on your Desktop.

Final Words:

The above was the complete method and steps that how you can install and create macOS Monterey ISO image file. In case, if you faced any kind of problems and issues with the given method on how to creare macOS Monterey ISO image file, you can contact us through the comment section below or you can gmail us.

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