How To Disable SmartScreen on Windows 11 In 3 Easy Methods (2021)

Are you having a problem or don’t know how to disable SmartScreen on Windows 11? So, you don’t have to worry because you have us. we are always in your service with such tech problems. In this article, I will show you how can enable or disable Windows 11 SmartScreen with 3 easy methods. you only have to follow them.

On Windows 11, the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen Filter helps safeguard your computer from phishing and malware from the websites you visit and the apps you use.

However, you may want to temporarily disable this setting if you want to download games or apps that you know are safe but have been flagged by SmartScreen. We’ll teach you how to turn off or disable SmartScreen on Windows 11 and Microsoft Edge in this article.

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What Is the SmartScreen on Windows 11?

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen lets you identify reported phishing and malware websites and make educated download selections when you use the new Microsoft Edge. SmartScreen works to keep you safe in three ways:

SmartScreen compares the websites you visit to a constantly updated list of phishing and dangerous malware sites. If SmartScreen discovers a match, it will display a notice that the site has been banned for your safety.

SmartScreen compares files you download from the internet to a list of harmful software sites and applications that have been flagged as dangerous. SmartScreen will alert you that the download has been banned for your protection if it detects a match. SmartScreen also compares the files you download to a list of well-known files that are often downloaded by Internet Explorer users. SmartScreen will notify you if the file you’re downloading isn’t on that list.

It examines sites as you surf the web and determines if they are questionable. SmartScreen will display a warning page if it detects questionable pages, offering you the option to submit feedback and recommending you to proceed with care.

2 Methods to Disable SmartScreen on Windows 11

There are three methods to disable SmartScreen on Windows 11 PC or Laptop. I will show all the 3 methods below and all of them are easy. You can use any of the three methods to disable SmartScreen on Windows 11 Pc or Laptop. Follow the Methods.

Let’s Go!

Method 1. Turn off SmartScreen Filter on Windows 11 via Group Policy Editor

We’ll look at several systems or network administrator techniques to replace access to Windows Defender SmartScreen in addition to the preceding approach. Windows offers special policy options in Group Policy Editor for system or network administrators to rapidly stop the SmartScreen filter in Windows 11.

  • By going to Start and typing in gpedit.msc, you may open Group Policy Editor. Go to the address below in the Policy Editor.
               Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > File Explorer.
  • Locate and double-click the policy titled “Configure Windows Defender SmartScreen.”
  • You may set it up as follows in the policy settings window:
  • Select the radio option ‘Disabled’ to turn off the Windows SmartScreen.
  • Select ‘Enabled‘ and then ‘Warn‘ or ‘Warn and prevent bypass‘ under the Options section to enable the SmartScreen.
  • Finally, restart your system or run the following command as administrator to make the modifications take effect.

Method 2. Disable SmartScreen on Windows 11 From Control Panel

Follow the steps to disable SmartScreen on Windows 11 via Control Panel:

  • Click Security and Maintenance in the Control Panel. Alternatively, you can use Start to search for “security and maintenance” and then select the top result.
  • Now select ‘Change Windows SmartScreen settings’ from the drop-down menu.
How To Disable SmartScreen on Windows 11 In 3 Easy Methods (2021)
Change Windows SmartScreen Settings
  • Now you have three choices; select ‘Don’t do anything (turn off Windows SmartScreen)’ and then click OK.
How To Disable SmartScreen on Windows 11 In 3 Easy Methods (2021)
Choose 3rd option

When you turn it off, a pop-up notice will appear telling you how unsafe you are.

If you don’t want to be reminded that you switched off SmartScreen, go to the Security area and select ‘Turn off notifications regarding Windows SmartScreen.’

How To Disable SmartScreen on Windows 11 In 3 Easy Methods (2021)
Turn off messages

That is all there is to it. Windows SmartScreen is currently disabled.

Method 3. Disable SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge on Windows 11

The third method to enable or disable SmartScreen on Windows 11 is from Microsoft edge below I will tell you how.

SmartScreen irritates me the most when installing desktop applications rather than browsers. If you use Microsoft Edge, you should keep it turned on. Even the most seasoned experts can click on harmful websites or advertising by accident. You may, however, turn it off if you choose.

Go to “Settings” > “View advanced settings” in Edge. Then, under “Privacy and Services,” scroll to the bottom and uncheck “Use SmartScreen Filters to help protect me from dangerous websites and downloads.”

In fact, disabling the SmartScreen filter is one of the troubleshooting methods we describe if you’re experiencing problems downloading legitimate files.


That concludes our discussion. On Windows 11 and Microsoft Edge, there are a few ways to disable SmartScreen on Windows 11. However Maintain in mind that if SmartScreen notifications don’t annoy you and you want to keep all of Windows 11’s security features, turn it on. Keep Windows 11 on the desktop, preferably in Microsoft Edge, if your children, parents, or grandparents are using it.

When installing software that you know is safe, it is better to avoid revealing SmartScreen to individuals who know what they are doing. Open-source software and other tools, in particular. You can reopen it whenever you want if you believe you’ll need it.

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