How To Download and Install Java On Windows 11

Did you know that the majority of applications in the Windows operating system run on the Java platform? When java programs become stuck or do not open correctly, it is a 90% chance that the system’s java is out of date. The advantages of upgrading the Java version include increased performance, stability, and security for java programs that run securely. I’ll show you how to update or download and install Java on your Windows 11 laptop in this article.

What is Java

Sun Microsystems initially published Java in 1995 as a programming language and computer platform. It has grown from humble origins to power a significant portion of today’s digital world by offering a secure foundation on which many services and applications are built. Java is still used in new, innovative goods and digital services that are being developed for the future.

Many programs, as well as certain websites, will not work unless you have Java installed. This website,, is designed for users that need Java for their desktop applications, notably those that target Java 8. Instead, developers and consumers who want to learn Java programming should go to, and business users should go to for further information.

Why should I upgrade to the latest Java patch

The most recent Java patches include significant improvements to the speed, stability, and security of Java programs running on your PC. By installing these updates, you can ensure that your Java applications are always running on the most recent version.

Now that you have some information about Java, you must have realized that how important java is for your computer. It’s time to guide you on how you can check if java is already installed on your computer. Moreover, if it wasn’t installed on your computer I will guide you on how you can download and install Java on Windows 11.

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Look If Java Is Already Installed ON Your PC

Before jumping directly to download and install Java on your Windows 11 PC or laptop, it’s necessary to check if Java is already installed on your computer. In case, if you don’t find it on your windows 11 then you have to download and install Java on your computer running on Windows 11. Follow the steps below to check if Java is already installed on your computer.

  • Open Run and type “CMD” to open command prompt
Run cmd in the run window
Type cmd
  • Then type “Java -version” in the cmd and press the Enter button.
Type java version
Type java version
  • If you see “Java version 16 . 0 . 1 . . .” response, it means you already have Java.
  • If you see “Java is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file” response like on the image below, it means Java isn’t installed on your Windows 11.
Java not installed on windows 11
Not installed
  • Then run the command in the next step to see if “Java” is installed on your computer.
  • On the Command Prompt, type “Javac –version” and press Enter If you get a response like “Javac 16 . 0 . 1”, you already have Java installed on your computer and don’t need to do so again. Otherwise, proceed with the installation procedure.

Do I require JRE and JDK to run Java?

JRE (Java Runtime Environment) is a collection of software tools and other components that are required to run Java.

When you execute Java apps on your device or as a plugin in your browser, you’ll need JRE.

The JDK (Java Development Kit) is a set of development tools for running Java. You will not require JRE if you install JDK because it is included in the package.

Download And Install Java On Windows 11

Once you have completed all the steps above and couldn’t find Java on your computer. It’s time to download and install Java on your Windows 11 PC to give it better performance and you a better experience.

Java can also be installed on Linux and macOS platforms, but the packages/files to install it will be different for each platform.

Download Java On Windows 11

Follow the steps below:

Step #1: Open Oracle Download Page by clicking here

Step #2: Download the latest version where is at the top of the page. Click the JDK Download link to start the download.

Select JDK download
JDK download

Step#3: Java installation files for many operating systems may be found on this page. To see the download links, scroll down. We’ll need to download the “.exe” file that I’ve specified because we’ll be installing it on Windows 11. Select it by clicking on it.

Select .exe file to download and install java on windows 11
.exe file

Step#4: Check the checkbox to accept the license agreement and hit the download button.

Agree and click on the download button to start the download
Click to download

Step #5: Click on the “Save File” button, to save the file.

Click on the save file
Save file
Is Java Free TO Download?

Although some developers charge for certain of their programs, all Java versions and updates from 8 to 13 are free.

Java may be downloaded for free as long as it is solely used for personal or development purposes. Any other usage will need the purchase of a commercial license.

Install Java On Windows 11

Once the file has been downloaded and you have saved it on your computer. It’s time to install Java on your Windows 11 PC

Follow the steps below:

Step #1: Start the installation by double-clicking on the downloaded file.

double-click on the downloaded file to install Java on Windows 11 PC
Double click

Step #2: Click “yes” on the installation privileges as windows 11 want it to confirm to run the installation process

Step #3: Now you are in the process. Click “Next”.

Click next
Click next

Step #4: Keep track of the target folder because we’ll need it later when setting up environment variables. Java will be installed on C: Program FilesJavajdk-version-number because we got the 64-Bit installation file. Make a mental note of this spot. Then press the “Next” button.

Click next to move to the next step of installation
Note installation path > next

Step #5: you will see that the installation has just started.

Java's installation process
Installation process

Step #6: Once the installation process has been completed. Click on the “Close” button.

Click close once installed
Click close

Congratulations! Java has been installed successfully on your Windows 11 PC. Now, it’s time to move to environment variables configuration.

Configure Environment Variables for Java?

In Windows, environmental paths allow a user to recognize any file from anywhere on the system. This means that instead of having to navigate to a directory and then use it, you can now execute an a.exe file (or any other file) from anywhere within the directory.

Before we start, you’ll need to know the full path to where Java’s most recent version is installed, as this will be needed later when creating the environmental variable. The default installation path is C: Program FilesJavaJavaVersion (where JavaVersion is a folder named with the Java version). Since we installed “JDK 17.0.1” on our device, the full path for Java is “C: Program FilesJavajdk-17.0.1:”

Once you know the complete path of the java file. its time to create a “Java environmental path”.

Step #1: Open Run from the search bar. Type “sysdm.cpl” and press ok.

Run the  "sysdm.cpl"  on the run window
Sysdm.cpl > ok

Step #2: once the system properties window has opened. Click on the advance tab shown above, then right-click on the “environment variables” shown below.

Click on the environmental variables
Advance > environment variables

step #3: Click on the “New” button shown under the system variables.

Click on the new button
Click new

Step #4: Now, enter the following corresponding details in the newly opened system variable window.

Variable Name: JAVA_HOME
Variable Value: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-17.0.1

 corresponding details in the newly opened system variable window.
Click ok

The path to the installation folder obtained previously is stored in variable Name. When you’re finished, click “OK”.

Step #5: To exit the Environmental Variables and System Properties windows, click “OK” once again.

On your Windows 11 device, you have now successfully generated the Java environmental variable. Change the Variable Value to run an older version of Java to further modify this variable (if already installed).

You may alternatively delete the variable by choosing it from the Environmental Variables window’s System Variables list and then click “Delete”.

Select and click delete to  the variable by choosing it from the Environmental Variables window's System Variables list
Select and click delete

Java not installing on windows 11

For a variety of reasons, certain PCs may have difficulty installing Java. An active firewall or antivirus software is one of the most typical causes.

Java installation not completed on windows 11
Unable to install java

Windows Firewall safeguards your computer against unauthorized access, viruses, and other threats. Several programs and applications, including Java, can be prevented by such security mechanisms. To enable it through, you merely need to temporarily deactivate the firewall and antivirus software.

Once you’ve finished, remember to re-enable the firewall and antivirus software.

Uninstall Java on Windows 11

If you want, you can also delete or uninstall Java from your computer running on windows 11, in case if you don’t need it. The process is very simple and you can do it in a few clicks as shown below.

By putting “appwiz.cpl” in Run, you may access the Control Panel’s Programs and Features page.

Double-click the Java Development Kit you wish to uninstall from your device. Click the “yes” button for confirmation.

Click yes to uninstall java on Windows 11
Click yes


If you’ve been experiencing issues downloading or installing Java on your computer operating on Windows 11, we hope this article has answered your worries and you can now use the application without any problems.

If you want to try a newer version of Java, simply follow the steps outlined above.

If you run into any additional issues while downloading Java, please let us know in the comments section below.

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