How to Encrypt or Lock a Folder in Windows 10

How to Encrypt or Lock a Folder in Windows 10? Windows users always face the problem of encrypting or locking folders in Windows 10. Almost all of us have important files on PCs that need to be encrypted or locked. Personal folders. You can also use these methods to prevent children from opening folders. But I can’t say with certainty that this is a reliable way to protect your personal folders from others. Here are some simple ways to encrypt or lock a folder in Windows 10.

Why You Should Encrypt a Folder?

More specifically, we Encrypt or Lock a Folder in Windows 10 to protect it from anonymous users. For example, if you work in a company but don’t have a PC, you must protect your folders from others in order to read your important files or take them with you. Encryption is an easy way to protect folders. Only you can access files and folders, other users cannot. If other users log on to a particular computer themselves, they will not be able to read or open your documents.

These are the reasons why you need to hide folders from others. Here, we provide other necessary software and encryption to make it more secure.

How to Encrypt or Lock a Folder in Windows 10

Windows Encryption

Unfortunately, there is no alternative way to hide folders on the system, but you can use encryption methods to encrypt or lock other folders in Windows 10. Don’t forget that you can also use this technology on Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Using This Method in Windows 10

  • Go to folder> Properties> Advanced> encrypt content to secure data.
encrypt content to secure data

Other Softwares You Can Use to Encrypt or Lock a Folder in Windows 10

1. Folder Lock

Folder Lock Version 7.8.4

Folder lock can encrypt or lock a folders in Windows 10 or any other window. This allows you to use a password and prevents snoopers from viewing your personal files, folders, and drives. When you lock a folder or file, it will pretend to be the old location and can only be opened with software. Just download the program and protect the folder or file.

This software has different features:

  1. Lock Folder
  2. Protect USB
  3. Secure Backup
  4. Protect Folders with Key
  5. Option to Protect Folder
  6. Set the Same Password
  7. Apply Lock on Folder Files

1. Lock Folder

Folder Lock builds Lockers. Just as you would protect your money in a safe place.

2. Protect USB

You can also use the locker on portable devices including USB and external drives. These lockers are converted into executable files, so you don’t have to install a folder lock every time you need to access files.

3. Secure Backup

Using this feature, you can create a password-protected backup for the locker, which not only protects your data from prying eyes, but also prevents loss or damage. If your computer is stolen or data is deleted, simply restore the files from your online account.

4. Protect Folders with Key

To protect the information in the folder, you can now lock it with a password. Use one password in multiple folders on the device and restrict it

5. Option to Protect Folder

Folder Locking: Add safe pins on folders to lock it.

Folder Unlocking: Remove pins from the folder to unlock it.

2. SysTools Folder Key

SysTools Folder Key Website

The software allows you to hide folders from others. And this software also allows you to remember your pins for a long time. The software has multiple functions, such as double-protected folders, batch unlocking of all password-protected folders at once, and other functions.

  • Protecting folders with a key
  • Applying a lock on folder files
  • Encrypting folder passwords
  • Setting the same password
  • Unblocking folder files.

3. VeraCrypt

Vera Crypt Website

VeraCrypt is a unfastened disk encryption software to encrypt or lock a folder in Windows 10 from others. This software program is created with the aid of using IDRIX agency. This agency focuses on privateness and protection issues, which can be normally skilled in today’s virtual world. This software program is on the market and to be had for Windows, macOS, Windows Server, and Linux. Download the software program and set up it to have more potent protection.

4. SecretFolder

This is a necessary and necessary folder encryption or locking software in Windows 10. The software allows you to hide files or assign passwords. This program is simple and easy to use. The software requires a 2.5 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM, and Windows operating system (32-64 bit).


Use one of these programs to protect folders or files from strangers. Download any of the above software that you think is the best and most useful for you. If you are looking for the best security and privacy, it is recommended to find a professional. Highly protected. Always try to protect your important files from strangers and guests.

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