How to Erase Your Data From a Flash Drive with BitRaser File Eraser Tool

How to Erase Your Data From a Flash Drive with BitRaser File Eraser Tool? You want to delete this USB flash drive and sell it to a friend of yours. You have formatted your USB flash drive.

Are you really ready to sell? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

But don’t worry, in this article, I will share with you the best way to permanently erase your data from a flash drive with BitRaser File Eraser tool. But first, you need to know some basic information.

What happens when you format a USB flash drive?

When formatting a USB drive, the Windows operating system cannot access the data because it does not read or display the information available on the drive. Since it is not available, the deleted data remains on the hard drive and can be recovered. Use data recovery software.

Therefore, if you want to sell or dispose of your drive, don’t do it unless you permanently erase it. In order to protect your data from data loss, data theft, identity theft and many other issues, you need to delete your data permanently.

What Is Data Wiping?

Refers to the data erasure process that goes beyond deleting and restoring data. The data on a specific disk will be permanently overwritten and therefore cannot be read. The USB flash drive means that once deleted, it will be protected from all threats of data theft.

Now that you are familiar with the concept of data erasure, you can use the BitRaser File Eraser tool to completely erase data from the flash drive.

BitRaser File Eraser

BitRaser File Eraser is a DIY (do it yourself) tool with a clean and easy-to-use GUI. The software can help you retrieve photos, videos, audio files, documents, Internet history, system monitoring and other data from storage devices such as Windows PCs, hard drives, SD cards, etc….

The software can be downloaded and used completely safely. This will not affect the system files and program files available on the C: drive. Since the software uses a powerful data erasure algorithm approved by the US Department of Defense standard, data erasure can be performed safely.

How to permanently erase your data from a Flash Drive with BitRaser File Eraser

Follow the given steps to learn how to completely wipe your data from a flash drive:

  • Download the BitRaser file eraser on your computer.
  • The software will ask you to allow it to run.
  • The initial program window appears on the screen.
  • Then you can choose to erase the deleted data.
  • The flash drive was deleted using the Shift + Delete keys or emptying the trash.
  • Select the drive and click “Erase Now”. If you want to delete specific files and folders from the USB drive, go to Delete files and folders.
  • You can click the + icon to add files and folders to the delete list. Or, you can click Find and Delete to find and delete specific files on the flash drive.
  • After adding files and folders, click “Delete Now”.Additional benefit: You can also use the “Scheduler” function.
  • This will help you set up a data erasure plan.
  • After the scheduler is configured, it will automatically start at the specified time and date.
How to Erase Your Data From a Flash Drive with BitRaser File Eraser Tool


You can empty the trash bin or use the Shift key to delete data from the USB drive on a Windows system.

Formatting the hard disk can also cause data loss. However, these methods do not delete the data, but make it inaccessible. But you can follow the above. Mentioned the steps to erase your data from a flash drive with BitRaser File Eraser tool. You can rest assured that you can protect your data from various threats, including data theft and leakage.

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