How To Fix iPhone Screen Not Rotating? 5 Easy Methods. (2021)

How to fix iPhone screen not rotating?

iPhone revolution empowers you to watch a video on full screen, utilize the gadget easily in bed, empower more choices (like in the Calculator application), and so on In the event that your iPhone screen isn’t turning as indicated by how you hold the gadget, here are the certain shot answers for fix this issue. Investigate.

Fix iPhone Screen Not Rotating

Followings are the methods on how to fix iPhone screen not rotating. Follow the steps patiently one by one and one will work for you.

1. Did you drop your iPhone and broke its accelerometer?

Do you drop your iPhone as of late on a hard surface? On the off chance that indeed, the issue may not be restricted to programming (else, the above fixes would have made a difference). It is conceivable that your iPhone’s accelerometer – the sensor that peruses your actual gadget revolution, may have been broken. To address this, contact Apple backing and timetable an arrangement at the closest Apple Store or approved assistance place.

I trust you had the option to fix iPhone screen not rotating issue on your iPhone. It’s anything but a major issue except if it’s an equipment issue. In the event that you actually have a few inquiries, share them in the remarks underneath.

2. Reset all iPhone settings

Did none of the arrangements above help? For this situation, feel free to reset all iPhone settings. When it finishes, your iPhone screen ought to turn immaculately.

Note: Resetting all settings will not erase individual photographs, applications, music, recordings, application information, and things like these. Notwithstanding, all settings you have at any point added or changed will fall back to the default state. This incorporates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VPN, notice, console, and so on

  • Open iPhone Settings and tap General.
  • Tap Reset from the base.
  • Tap Reset All Settings and continue.
  • When this finishes, it is practically sure that the iPhone screen not turning would be a relic of past times!
Reset iphone settings, to fix iphone screen not rotating
Reset iPhone Settings

3. Turn off display zoom view

Do you utilize zoomed show settings? In the event that indeed, certain applications will not turn except if you set the screen settings to standard. For instance, on my iPhone 11, the Settings application screen will not pivot when utilizing the zoomed see. Yet, other applications like Safari and so forth, turn.

So, to guarantee that all viable applications pivot openly, follow the means beneath to wind down show zoom.

  • Open iPhone Settings and tap Display and Brightness.
  • Look to the base and tap View.
  • Tap Standard.
  • Tap Set → Use Standard.
  • Whenever this is done, auto-turn should work in all viable applications.
turn off display zoom view, to fix iphone screen not rotating
Turn off display zoom view

4. Restart your iPhone

This has helped me in the past to fix minor issues like iPhone not turning the screen. To restart your iPhone, turn it off like you typically do. Following a moment, switch it on. The issue of the iPhone screen not turning will be settled!

Tip: If your iPhone isn’t refreshed, guarantee you download and introduce the most recent accessible variant of iOS. This will fix iphone screen not rotating.

5. Force quit the iOS app

Even in the wake of following the above arrangements, iPhone screen revolution isn’t working? For this situation, power quit the application and start once more. This will help you to fix iPhone screen not rotating.

  • On iPhone with Face ID, swipe up from the lower part of the screen and hold.
  • On iPhone with a Home catch, twofold press it.
  • Drag up the card of the application that doesn’t turn.
  • Following a couple of moments, open that application again and turn the iPhone. The application screen ought to turn as well.
Force quit an app to fix iphone screen not rotating
Force quit an app


That was the complete guide on how to fix iPhone screen not rotating. Try each of the above methods and one will work for case of any questions or problems contact us through our email or comment box.

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