How to Get Emojis on a Laptop in Windows 10

How to Get Emojis on a Laptop in Windows 10? Here are the 2 easiest ways to get emojis on a laptop in Windows 10. Unlike Macs that have emoji keyboard shortcuts, even for experienced Windows users, finding the emoji bar on a Windows PC is Quite difficult. The latest operating system update adds the long-awaited shortcuts for Windows users. Now, emoji has become a popular way of expressing in text messages.

When we send a text message from a mobile phone, it is much easier to send emoji, but when we try it on a Windows PC, it is a little more complicated. Although Mac computers have different keyboard shortcuts, Windows computers require more effort. Fortunately, Microsoft released an update to make emoji on Windows easier. We have compiled a list of options for getting emojis on your Windows PC, including keyboard shortcuts.

How to Get Emojis on a Laptop in Windows 10

Fortunately, emoji can be easily accessed through the on-screen keyboard on any Windows 10 device, because Microsoft has the ability to create the most versatile and universal operating system (you can also use it with a mouse).

For the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, a new, larger and thicker set of emojis have been created. These emojis are also included in Windows 8.1 and compatible with Windows 7, so you can use them just by copy/paste. I will show you 2 ways to get emojis on a laptop in Windows 10.

Method 1. Type Emojis vis Keyboard Shortcut

The first and easy way to get emojjis on a laptop in Windows 10 by using keyboard shortcuts.

  • On your laptop, press Windows key + . to open the emoji picker.
  • Now, open any text document and click on any emoji to enter them into your document.
get emojis on a laptop in Windows 10

Method 2. Get Emojis on Laptop in Windows 10 via Enabling Touch Keyboard Button

Another way to type and get emojis on a laptop is to enable the Show touch keyboard button.

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and select the Show touch keyboard button.
  2. Once enabled, click the touch keyboard button on the bottom right-hand corner.
  3. Now, click the emoji icon next to the spacebar.
  4. Finally, select any emoji that you want.

Additional Way: Copy & Paste Website

  • Open iEmoji or GetEmoji in any web browser.
  • Select the Emoji character you would like to use.
  • Highlight the box/Emoji, then copy it (CTRL + C).
  • Paste (CTRL + V) the Emoji in the text field you would like to use it. It may still show as a rectangle, but when you send your message, it will show as an Emoji character.

Windows 7 has emojis.

Windows 7 helps emojis, because of this that you could see them rather than small containers whilst journeying web sites with emojis, however it lacks a hint keyboard that lets in you to kind with emojis. Emojis have to be copied and pasted from an emoji database which include Get Emoji for use on a Windows 7 PC. Simply role your cursor over an emoji and hit Ctrl + C, then browse to the area wherein you want to utilise the emoji and hit Ctrl + V.


Emoji on Windows 7 are only available in black and white. These were the 2 methods to get emojis on a laptop in Windows 10.

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