How to Hide Recent Files in Windows 11

How to Hide Recent Files in Windows 11

Would you like to handicap and eliminate or hide recent files in windows 11 from the Start menu? On the off chance that indeed, you’re at the ideal spot. In this post, we’re demonstrating how to hide late records from the Start menu in Windows 11.

Hide recent files in windows 11
Hide Recent Files in Windows 11

Meanwhile, of course, Windows 11 keeps up with notes of a portion of your new practices, for example, record and organizer access, as of late utilized applications, etc, and adds them to the Start menu’s “Suggested” region.

This component is intended to make it simpler for you to discover anything you’ve as of late opened or utilized to build your usefulness. It additionally makes it simpler to find objects in the record voyager that you’ve been dealing with. Some may track down this significance, while others may think about it as a penetrate of protection.

The Windows 11 insider fabricate is now accessible, and the public arrival of the steady form is normal soon. It incorporates basically all of Windows 11’s highlights, including the updated Start Menu. As you might know, Windows 11 currently has a focused taskbar, which takes into consideration a more balanced beginning menu. It’s nothing unexpected that the new Start Menu looks extraordinary, and numerous clients are anxious to encounter Windows 11 in view of the further developed UI.

hide Recent Files in Windows 11 Start Menu

The first change you’ll see in Quite a while 11 is the Start Menu, which presently has two segments: Pinned and Recommended. The entirety of your applications are put away in the stuck area, and recently introduced applications will be put here too. It’s a helpful tab since it permits us to rapidly find any projects on our PC.

The suggested classification, then again, can’t be supposed to be the equivalent since it shows as of late opened documents and envelopes. This may be exasperating if the proposed region has a lot of similar records. A considerable lot of you may wish to erase late documents from the Start menu in Windows 11.

The followings are the steps how to hide recent files in windows 11:

  • Press Win key + I to open Settings or snap the Start fasten and afterward pick Settings.
open the settings
Go to settings
  • Snap Personalization from the left-hand side sheet and afterward select Start.
go to personalization then start
Select start
  • In the Start settings, you should simply wind down “Show as of late opened things in Start, Jump Lists, and File Explorer”.
Turn off the toggle button
Turn off the toggle

From now into the foreseeable future, when you open the Windows 11 beginning menu, ongoing records won’t show up.

Final Words:

This is the way you can eliminate or hide recent files in Windows 11 beginning menu’s Recommended region. A few clients may see the value in the usefulness, however for other people, seeing similar sort of things suggested may be irritating. Another motivation to clear up the beginning menu in Windows 11 is to erase late records.

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