How To Hide The Red Dot On An Apple Watch? 2 Easy Methods.

How to hide the red dot on an apple watch?

At whatever point you want to hide the red dot on an Apple Watch, you’ll see a red dot at the highest point of the watch’s face. Assuming you need a perfect look, you can shroud the red speck, and we’ll show you how.

How to hide the red dot on an apple watch?
Hide The Red Dot On An Apple Watch

What is the Red Dot?

The red dot is Apple Watch’s likeness iPhone’s identification notices. It functions admirably when you get not many notices, yet that isn’t the situation for certain individuals. In the event that you get a lot of warnings, the red speck stays on the watch face practically constantly. On the off chance that debilitating Apple Watch notices aren’t an alternative, you could think about concealing the red dab, which is we’ll main thing underneath.

There are two methods, how you can hide the red dot on Apple Watch.

Method 1: Hide the Red Dot on an Apple Watch from Your Apple Watch

You can likewise hide the red dot on an apple watch from your Apple Watch. To do this, wake the screen on your Watch by tapping the presentation once. Then, press the Digital Crown, which is the huge roundabout catch on the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch
apple watch

Squeezing the Digital Crown opens the rundown or network of applications on your Apple Watch. Tap the stuff symbol to open Settings.


Under Apple Watch settings, open “Notification.”


Flip the switch close to “Notifications Indicator” to off. By and by, you can tell that the switch is off by checking its tone. In case it’s green, it’s empowered. In case it’s dark, it’s incapacitated.

Notifications indicator
Turn it off

From that point onward, leave Settings. With the red speck covered up on the Apple Watch, you can at long last partake in the new perfect look on your watch face. Say, does anyone have the opportunity?

Method 2: Hide the Apple Watch Red Dot Using Your iPhone

There are two different ways to hide the red dot on an apple watch—alluded to as the “Notices Indicator” by Apple—on your Apple Watch. We’ll tell you the best way to hide the red dot utilizing your iPhone first.

On your iPhone, open the Watch application and tap “notifications.”


The principal choice in Apple Watch notice settings is designated “notifications Indicator.” Tap the switch close to “Notices Indicator” to shroud the red dab on your Apple Watch. Recollect that if the switch is green, it’s on. In case it isn’t green, it’s off.

Notifications indicator turned off
Notifications indicator

And that’s all it takes. Exit Settings and the red dot will no longer show up.

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