How to Hide your Donations on Facebook

How to Hide your Donations on Facebook? Have you ever donated to Facebook? Do you want to remain anonymous in public? Because if you want to not be noticed, please read the instructions. In this guide, I will show you how to hide your donations on Facebook.

What is the Facebook Donate Button?

Facebook has a special “donate” button that you can use to donate to Facebook fundraising events, or you can become a fundraiser yourself and donate through birthday fundraising events, personal fundraising events, stories, GivingTuesday or Instagram. These tools can be used by verified individuals, charities, and fundraising sites for organizational and personal purposes, such as for friends’ medical needs or supporting local small businesses.

When you donate, the fundraiser and everyone on Facebook will see your name. However, if you want your donation to remain anonymous, you can hide your Facebook donation by slightly adjusting your privacy settings.

How to Hide your Donations on Facebook

  1. Find the cause and fundraiser you want to donate to and tap on the Donate button.
  2. Then select the amount you want to donate to that cause, as well as the payment details.
  3. Tap on “Who can see that you donated?
  4. Set your privacy settings to Only me.
How to Hide your Donations on Facebook
Only me

The default setting is public. H. All Facebook users or external users can see your donation. There is also an option that allows you to show your donations only to friends or even specific friends. Choose only me.

Some people choose to share their donations to persuade more people to donate to the same cause. In this way, more people can click the donate button, and fundraising activities can help them achieve their goals faster. F

or non-profit organizations or custom fundraising events, remember that even if you don’t share, your donations will show up.


They say that good deeds should be done in silence. If you don’t do this after promoting your donation on Facebook, please edit who can see who donated? In your own section, setting privacy settings is just me. This is how you can hide your donations on Facebook

At the same time, by donating, you can contribute to something greater than yourself and thank you for what you already have. In general, do you prefer to donate anonymously or share this news with others, hoping that others will also donate? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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