How to make money online? 10 ways.

How to make money online. I have been a financial consultant and entrepreneur for many years and have achieved great success. On days when my salary is high or one of my ideas works, it’s hard not to be surrounded by pride. However, my previous successes are compared to the first day I made $100 online within 24 hours. Even though I have earned more than six digits in my career, the fact that I got a $100 check from Google surprised me. This was a turning point for me because this realization helped me start an incredible online journey that I am very grateful for.

10 Ways How to make money online. Make 100 or More dollars Online in a Single Day:

It has been a long time since I had my first online salary of $100, but I have learned a lot of different online money-making strategies, and I want to take turns sharing with you. But first, let me tell you something about myself and my story. About ten years ago, I started a blog called Good Financial Cents. When my website now generates a lot of passive income, I initially created a blog as a marketing tool for my financial plan. At the time, I didn’t know anything about online marketing, social media, or SEO.

How to make money online. He didn’t know that there was money to be made on the Internet. Fortunately, I met several mentors on the way, and they showed me that I can use my online presence to make money. For me, this was a big change, because at that time I knew how to make money by finding new customers. But in the end, I will only use blogs instead of full-time jobs. Now that you understand my background, it’s time to explore some ways to earn passive or active income online. If you want to make money online in your spare time, check out the following 21 ways to earn $100 or more per day.

How to make money online.
How to make money online.

1. Google Adsense

When I started blogging, I faced many limitations as a financial advisor. Therefore, one of the only ways to make money is to use Google Adsense. With this sales strategy, you only need to register, and Google will provide you with the code to copy and paste into your website. From there, Google takes care of the rest, and you get paid whenever someone clicks on your ad and/or makes a purchase.

When I finally added Google Adsense to my website, I was able to complete the first $100 payment within three months. Great, but many people asked me how I learned a lot from Adsense from the beginning. How to make money online. You should know that as a financial consultant, most of the advertisements on my website are aimed at financial products with good results. If your blog is in a different area such as food or fashion, it may take longer for your ad to pay off your first $100 check.

2. Text Links

The second way I just started making $100 is to use text links. If you want to know what a text link is, search for an article on the web and you will see the highlighted words, which you can click to navigate to another web page. For a long time, I did not realize that many companies are willing to spend 100 dollars, 200 dollars, or even 1,000 dollars or more to take you from their website to their website.

But when some companies pay me 100 dollars or more just to add a link to one of my blog posts, I feel very happy. How to make money online. Unfortunately, I finally learned that selling text links violated Google’s terms of service. If you keep doing this, your website is going to tank over the long term.

How to make money online.
How to make money online.

3. Sponsored posts.

By submitting a sponsored post, the company will pay you to share your product or service on its website. Although I initially made $100 to $200 for each Good Financial Cents sponsored position, I continued to increase my fees over time.

FITn financial blogger Alexis Schroeder (Alexis Schroeder) said that she often earns $3,000 a month from sponsored positions. However, some popular traffic blogs can easily get sponsored posts of $20,000 or more. If you want to post a sponsored position, I recommend that you only work with people who believe in and like promotion.

If you do not ensure that the value of something is in line with your values when you promote something, you are unlikely to gain the trust of your readers. Over time, this may hurt your website development work and bring more revenue, rather than the revenue from sponsored posts.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways to make money online. When I was able to add affiliate links to my website, I saw my income soar in a few weeks! In the financial planning segment, the affiliate is a company. For example, online brokerage houses, online banks, and financial instruments.

If you are willing to promote these companies, these companies will pay very considerable fees. The type of partner you work with will depend on your niche market. Note, however, that some companies will pay you up to $100 per conversion. It is not difficult to make money from your time through this commitment. If you don’t believe me, please read Thinking Cents. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is the entrepreneur behind this blog and the founder of the “Thinking Affiliate Marketing” course. Michelle always earns more than $100,000 a month from its website and course sales. No, that’s not a typo.

How to make money online.
How to make money online.

5. Display Ads

Display advertising is very similar to Google Adsense, except that readers do not need to click on the ad to make a profit. Think of display ads as billboards on your website, not as roadside billboards. How to make money online. In any case, your income is based on the number of times your ad has been viewed. Therefore, as the number of website visits increases, these ads will be better for you.

6. Freelance Writing

If you don’t mind doing active work and earning some money, then freelancing is another way to make money online. Another benefit of freewriting is that you can draw the attention of readers by writing on the main website. $150 each. The money is not too much, but I took this opportunity to improve my writing skills and became famous.

I won’t write so many things for others, but I know that many writers make $250, $500, or even $1,000 per article. Some freelance writers I know even write letters at home every year and can write numbers of six digits or more. Among them is the blogger Holly Johnson, who earns more than $200,000 in writing articles for others each year. Johnson also offers a course for you to become a freelance writer, but you need help getting started.

7. Selling Leads

After working at Good Financial Cents for a few years, I opened Jeff’s second life insurance website. Although we created the site to create our potential customers, we have reached the point where we have so many potential customers. We can’t handle it ourselves. How to make money online. In the end, I found that several insurance companies were willing to pay for potential customers received through my website.

These companies pay between $35 and $100 for each lead, which is crazy. For me, because I didn’t know it was possible. Also, remember that life insurance companies are not the only ones willing to pay for potential customers. There are many ways and strategies for generating potential customers. Therefore, please consider all options.

8. Investment Gains

Like anyone else, you can create a brokerage account online and buy ETFs or stocks. For a long time, I can earn at least $100 a day. This income is one of my favorites because it is completely passive. How to make money online. Remember, along with online businesses, traditional investments can help you generate important passive income. Simply open an account with Scottrade, TD Ameritrade, or any other online broker and you can leave. Nowadays, there are many ways to invest online, and there is no reason not to do so. I am tired of apologizing, so invest your money today to increase long-term wealth.

How to make money online.
How to make money online.

9. Buying and Selling Websites

People continue to buy and sell websites for various reasons. Knowing what to look for makes it easy to buy a website that can provide passive income over time. I have purchased several websites over the years. Including Since I purchased it a year ago, I haven’t done anything with the site, but it can still help me easily earn $100 to $150 per month.

10. Book or eBook

Finally, you can also write a book. A few years ago, I wrote a book called “Financial Soldiers”, but I still sell copies of it. The growth of my YouTube channel has become a large part of it, and I do it all the time. How to make money online. The beauty of books or e-books is that as long as you have books or e-books, you can sell them over and over again. Also, you can write books on any topic! Subjects, hobbies, or ideas, there may be others.

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