How to Make Windows 11 Full Screen on VMware. Easy way

How to Make Windows 11 Full Screen on VMware

In the event that you have introduced Windows 11 on VMware Workstation and need to make it full screen then, at that point you’re at the perfect spot. In this aide, you will figure out how to make Windows 11 full-screen on VMware in Windows 10.

Meanwhile, By default, when a guest operating system (OS) is introduced on VMware, the interface of the guest OS is displayed in windowed mode. Moreover, the size of the window is regularly not enormous, and in the event that you increment the size of the window, the goal of the guest OS UI stays as before. Working in a guest OS with a low goal is as a rule badly designed. Relax; you can further develop the screen goal of the guest OS UI just as arrived behind schedule in full-screen mode.

Make Windows 11 Full Screen on VMware
Make Windows 11 Full Screen on VMware

Also, running Windows 11 as a virtual machine (VM) on VMware is a savvy choice if security is a worry. In the Host-Only mode, you may hinder the web association or make a virtual organization connector for a VM to empower network correspondence just between the host and visitor frameworks and keep the Windows 10 visitor from interfacing with different organizations, including the web. As you may review, VMware is introduced on the host OS, which runs on a genuine machine, and the visitor OS, which runs on a virtual machine.

How to Make Windows 11 Full Screen on VMware

To use and make Windows 11 full screen on VMware, you’ll need to install VMware Tools. We should have some data about VMware Tools first.

VMware Tools is a bunch of utilities that further develop the virtual machine’s visitor working framework execution and the board. Visitor execution endures when VMware Tools are not introduced in the visitor working framework. make Windows 11 full screen on VMware. These challenges are settled or improved by introducing VMware Tools:

  • The time in the guest operating system is synchronized with the time on the host.
  • Allows you to take silent screenshots of the guest operating system.
  • There is no sound.
  • Copying, pasting, and dragging and dropping files are not possible.
  • Mouse movement is restricted.
  • Network speed is incorrectly shown
  • Insufficient color dept
  • Video resolution is low.

Following are the steps to make Windows 11 full screen on VMware in Windows 10:

Step 1. Power on Windows 11 virtual machine, click VM, and then click Install VMware Tools.

Install VMware Tools
Install VMware tools

Step 2. Next, open the File Explorer or This PC and double-click on DVD Drive (D:) VMware Tools. If you’re prompted, tap Yes.

VMware Tools, DVD Drive
VMware Tootle. DVD Drive

Step 3. Tap Next.

Press Next
Press next

Step 4. Click Next.

Persue press next
Press next

Step 5. Finally, Tap Install.

Press install
Press install

Step 6. Once the installation is completed, tap Finish.

press finish
Click finish

Step 7. Tap Yes to restart your computer for the configuration settings made to VMware Tools to make effect.

click yes
Click yes to restart

Once your computer is restarted, Windows 11 will be started in full-screen resolution as you can see in the below picture.

Windows 11 view
Windows 11 view

Final Words

This is the means by which you can make Windows 11 full screen on VMware in Windows 10. Utilizing a virtual machine in full-screen mode is helpful and permits you to appreciate the advantages of equipment virtualization. This usefulness empowers you to use the visitor OS on the VM similarly that you would on a host PC, permitting you to run high-goal applications, have a wide workspace, etc.

Make Windows 11 full screen on VMware in Windows 10. Minor grumblings to the side, it’s great to see Microsoft placing genuine consideration into its marquee programming: For the most recent couple of years, the organization has been placing more work into its Azure distributed computing administrations—legitimately. Maybe Microsoft will bait away some Chrome OS clients or even—might we venture to recommend it—Mac clients? Beside the smooth new looks, there are helpful new devices and capacities, just as execution propels—a lot more than can be talked about in a review on It’s still early days for Windows 11, yet even presently, the following rendition of the work area programming utilized on 1.3 billion PCs is great. Watch for successive updates to this review and for a straight on correlation with Apple macOS Monterey and ChromeOS, as well.

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