How to Measure Your Heart Rate with a Samsung Galaxy Watch

How to Measure Your Heart Rate with a Samsung Galaxy Watch? The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is a great productivity companion, but it is also useful for fitness tracking. A useful feature is the ability to monitor your heart rate. In this article, I will show you how to measure your heart rate with a Samsung Galaxy Watch (Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active and Active 2, etc..).

How Does the Heart Rate Sensor Work?

Since the launch of Gear 2 in 2014, Samsung smart watches have been equipped with a heart rate monitor. Every modern Samsung Gear or Galaxy Smartwatch can measure heart rate, but it should be noted that Smartwatches are not medical devices and should not be used for diagnosis.

The heart rate sensor uses an LED light source and an LED light sensor to measure your heart rate in beats per minute. Light penetrates the skin, and when blood passes through the light under the skin, the sensor measures the amount of light reflected. , The light reflection changes. The change in light reflection is interpreted as a heartbeat.

Notes: Combined with the compatible Samsung Health app, you can use it to evaluate future measurements, such as heart rate and calories burned. When your device is paired with the Samsung Health app, you can also use other functions. These additional features include viewing exercise history and so on.

Measure Your Heart Rate with a Samsung Galaxy Watch (Watch 3, Watch Active and Active 2, etc..)

There are two ways to measure your heart rate with a Samsung Galaxy Watch: you can check it manually at any time, or let the watch automatically measure it throughout the day. The watch will also measure your heart rate more frequently during exercise.

1: How to Manually Check Your Heart Rate with your Galaxy Watch

  • Press the physical power button on the watch to open the app drawer.
  • Then select “Samsung Health” from the list.
  • Now scroll down to the “Health” app and go to the “Heart Rate” section.
  • Just press the measurement button to start measuring your heart rate.
  • You will now see a circle on the edge of the screen to show your progress.
  • After completion, you can see a report to compare this measurement with the previous measurement.
  • You can click the “link” to add a comment.
measure your heart rate with a Samsung Galaxy Watch
step-by-step picture guide

2: How to Automatically Measure Heart Rate With your Galaxy Watch

The automatic heart rate measurement on the Samsung Galaxy Watch is very convenient because you don’t need to think about it.

Follow the steps below to use your Galaxy watch to automatically measure your heart rate:

  • To start tracking, press the physical power button on your watch to go to the application list.
  • Then select “Samsung Health”.
  • Scroll down to the heart rate section and click on it.
  • Scroll down the heart rate screen and find the gear. Enter the settings.
  • There are three options on this screen (continuous measurement and standing every 10 minutes and manual measurement).
  • Please select one of the options to continue.
step-by-step picture guide

Notes. Please note that continuous heart rate monitoring uses more battery power every 10 minutes compared to installing this option.

Final Words

That’s all! The following is how to measure heart rate on Samsung Galaxy Watch. You can view the history by accessing the Samsung Health app. The app displays your heart rate measurement in the form of a weekly chart. This is a great tool, especially if you want to monitor your physical condition. good luck!

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