How to Merge Multiple PDFs Files on macOS Monterey and Big Sur

How to Merge Multiple PDFs Files on macOS Monterey and Big Sur? Using a Mac, you can merge 2 PDFs or move PDF pages from one PDF to another very easily. In this article, I will show you how to use Apple’s built-in software to merge multiple PDFs files on macOS Monterey and Big Sur. … the free PDF reader “Preview“.

How to merge multiple PDFs files on macOS Monterey and Big Sur.

Sometimes you have a 10-page PDF file and you want to add another 10-page PDF file. If you don’t know how to do it, just follow the steps below:

  • Double-click to open the first PDF. It should open in the Apple Preview app.
  • If you want to keep a copy of the original document, select “Copy” from the “File” menu so that you can now use a new copy of the original document.
  • Otherwise, the new PDF will be appended to the original PDF.
  • Make sure you see the “thumbnail” of the PDF page on the left side of the window.
merge multiple PDFs files on macOS Monterey and Big Sur
  • Thumbnails Select thumbnails from the View menu to view them. Make sure that the thumbnail is set.
  • Find the second PDF in the search engine.
  • It can be on your desktop or in a folder.
  • Drag the second PDF file icon onto the thumbnail of the first document.
  • The place I put it will be pasted to the place where the document is to be pasted.
  • If it is placed after page 1, the complete PDF will be placed after page 1 (see figure below).
  • Here, I drag and drop a new PDF from the first PDF to page 1.
  • Insert the complete pdf file. Save the newly merged PDF (Menu File-Save or press Command-S).

Replace or Move Pages Between the PDF files

You can replace individual pages from one PDF document with another.

  • To do this, follow the steps above, but open the two PDF documents so that the two documents display thumbnails side by side.
  • You can now drag individual pages from the second PDF file to the first file.

Some bugs

Big Sur has some interface issues. This will not affect your PDF documents, but it may confuse you.

A random green plus sign: Sometimes a small green plus sign appears, sometimes not. Before you drag the page into the file, it sometimes disappears after half a second. do not worry. This will not change the result at all. In the past, people thought that older versions of macOS would only merge files with a plus sign, but I can confirm that Big Sur will not. The pages are merged regardless of whether there is a plus sign, so you can ignore the plus sign altogether.

However, if you just click on the original document, it will not be updated. Just in case, just close the original document and reopen it, and the page counter will be updated. If Apple solves this problem, I’m glad someone can comment below!


That’s it. This is how you can merge multiple PDFs files on macOS Monterey and Big Sur. And sometimes you may want to replace or move the pages of merged PDF files, again you can follow the above steps. Good Luck!

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