How to Move Windows 11 Start Menu to the Left

How to Move Windows 11 Start Menu to the Left

Assuming you’ve introduced or moved up to Windows 11 on your PC, you may see that the Start menu has been moved to the middle. Nonetheless, in the event that you’re acclimated with Windows 10’s Start menu situated to one side, relax! In this aide, you will figure out how to move Windows 11 Start menu to one side actually like Windows 10.

Move windows 11 start menu to the left
Move Windows 11 Start Menu to the Left

In the meantime, a focused taskbar and Start menu are two of the significant alterations carried out by Microsoft in Windows 11. Rather than being on the left half of the screen, it is currently in the middle, right where your eyes will in general meander on your presentation and where MacOS clients are acclimated with seeing their own symbols.

In Windows 11, Microsoft has drastically patched up the exemplary Windows interface. The beginning menu and taskbar appear to be changed this time. The beginning menu in Windows 11 no longer shows conventional organizer pecking orders, yet rather singular applications and applications. It is reminiscent of how portable working frameworks, for example, Android and iOS offer their applications.

In Windows 11, the client will find the beginning menu in the middle, alongside other basic stuck projects, directly out of the case.

Move Windows 11 Start Menu to the Left via Settings’

Lamentably, in contrast to Windows 10 and past renditions, Windows 11 doesn’t permit you to move the taskbar to one side, right, or top yet you can move the Start menu. Nonetheless, Windows 11 is as yet in its beginning phases, and we may see further highlights and changes in future variants.

Followings are the steps to move windows 11 start menu to the left:

  • Press the Start menu button and select Settings. Then again, press the Windows key + I all the while to open Settings.
  • Snap Personalization from the left-hand side sheet and afterward select Taskbar.
personalization > taskbar
Personalization > taskbar
  • Snap the drop-down menu close to Taskbar practices.
Taskbar behaviour
Taskbar behavior
  • At long last, click the drop-down menu close to Taskbar arrangement and pick Left.
Click left
  • Presently, the Windows 11 Start menu has moved to one side.
Move windows 11 start menu to the left
Move Windows 11 Start Menu to the Left

You can’t move the taskbar like you could in past variants of Windows. Not yet, at any rate. Recall that Windows 11 is by and by in beta, with the primary conventional delivery occurring yesterday. As we come nearer to the authority discharge, we ought to hope for something else to be added — and a few things to be disposed of.

That’s all. That was the method how you can shift or move windows 11 start menu to the left. This is the same as you do it in windows 10.

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