How to Quickly Turn on and off Low Power Mode On macOS Monterey

How to Quickly Turn on and off Low Power Mode On macOS Monterey? Bet you fall asleep with your iPhone or iPad. After that, you can also use it on a Mac with macOS 12 Monterey. This article will walk you through how to turn on and off Low Power Mode on macOS Monterey. By activating Low Power Mode (LPM), you can use the battery to extend the battery life of your Apple laptop.

New Update in macOS 12 Monterey: Low Power Mode on Mac & MacBook

According to Apple, the low-power mode on the Mac will reduce the system clock speed and screen brightness to further extend battery life. This means you can move on while performing less stressful tasks such as watching videos or surfing the Internet.

The battery life of your Mac is longer. On Mac, Power Saver is compatible with MacBook (early 2016 and later models) and MacBook Pro (early 2016 and later models). There is no mention of power saving on the Apple iPadOS 15 page, but the power saving function can be used after installing the update.

Few Steps to Enable Low Power Mode On Mac

To enable power saving mode on MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac, they must be running the latest macOS Monterey or software.

Unfortunately, there is currently no shortcut or direct option to quickly activate power saving mode in macOS Monterey. Hope Apple will add it in the future.

  • To turn on Low Power Mode, Click on the Apple icon.
  • Next, tap on System Preferences.
  • Find and tap on Battery.
  • Now again, tap on the Battery option in the sidebar
  • Finally, check the box of Low power mode to enable it.
How to Quickly Turn on and off Low Power Mode On macOS Monterey
Enabling Low power mode

In addition, macOS Monterey users can turn on sleep mode when their MacBook is off or connected to the network. It can be configured in the power supply area directly under the battery in the same window.

Steps to Disable Low Power Mode On Mac on macOS Monterey

  • To turn off Low Power Mode, go to the System Preferences from the Apple icon.
  • Next, Tap on Battery.
  • Again, Choose Battery in the sidebar.
  • Finally, simply Uncheck the Low Power Mode option.
Disabling Low power mode

Bonus tip: You can check the battery health and status as a percentage on your Mac, just like on the iPhone and iPad.

To check or monitor the battery status on your Mac, under battery status, click the Apple logo>System Preferences>Battery>Battery in the sidebar>The last option, see Battery status.

Notes. You can also reset all settings using the “Restore Defaults” option in the Mac battery settings.

Final Words

All Apple devices are now included in a power saving mode, which helps to discharge the battery before it runs out, allowing you to work longer. You can also follow the steps above to turn on and off Low Power Mode on macOS Monterey. !

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