How to Search for Nearby AirTags Using an Android Phone

How to Search for Nearby AirTags Using an Android Phone? How do you know if the tracker has posted an AirTag on your item? If you are an iPhone user, you will soon receive a notification that AirTag is tracking you. If you are an Android user, AirTag will call you three days after tracking starts. In this article, I will show you how to search for Nearby AirTags using an Android Phone. Just follow the steps below.

How AirTags Work?

AirTags use Bluetooth, so you can find them on nearby devices on Apple’s Find Me network. If the Bluetooth scanner application you are using shows the application type of nearby Bluetooth devices, the nearby AirTags will appear in the list of nearby Bluetooth devices.

But everything is more complicated. Apple AirTag does not appear as “AirTag” in the list, but it does appear as an unnamed Bluetooth device, which means it is an Apple device. If you don’t, if you create a Bluetooth device with Apple, it’s easy to find AirTag… which is more complicated than it sounds.

Apple AirTag does not appear as “AirTag” in the list, but it does appear as a Bluetooth device, indicating that it is an Apple device, so if you don’t have an Apple, AirTag can be easily identified-equipment manufacturing.

Bluetooth device. Once you find a device that looks like an AirTag, you can move your Android phone around and observe the signal strength to determine its location.

How to Search For Nearby AirTags Using an Android Phone

search for Nearby AirTags using an Android Phone

In order to use your Android phone to search and search for nearby AirTags, you need to install the Bluetooth scanner app. We use LightBlue, which is a free Bluetooth scanning application from the Google Play store.

Install the application on your Android phone, launch and scan it. Here, you can see all the information about all nearby Bluetooth devices, from Bluetooth mice and keyboards to headsets and AirTags. If you live in an apartment building or are currently in a public place, keep in mind that the device may appear with other devices on this list.

Therefore, if you want to find the nearest AirTag in the list more easily, it is helpful to stay away from other people’s devices. When you are in the center of an open area, it is easier to find and find AirTag in your luggage than sitting in the center of an airport.

AirTag appears as an “unnamed” device. When you click on it, you will see a manufacturer data field indicating that this particular entry is an Apple device, which means that this particular device can be an AirTag. It can of course also be other Apple hardware.notes.

Remember that the AirTag device ID (shown as a string with the value “42: 9A: 35: A7: 99: 51” in the screenshot below) will automatically change to a new random value over time. Identification only, used to identify AirTag.

Manufacturer specific data

How to Spot a Nearby AirTag With Your Android Phone

If you are sure that there is an AirTag nearby, you can find it using the device signal strength shown in the app. The closer your Android phone is to the AirTag, the more signal strength indicators will be. Phone, it may be able to better locate the nearest AirTag.

Scan the Nearby AirTag With NFC

Once the AirTag is discovered and found, if it is in Lost Mode and you are tracking it, you can scan the white side of the AirTag with NFC to see the contact information and messages that the owner of the AirTag may have customized. Touch the white side of the AirTag on the back of the Android phone (or iPhone).


Here is how to search for Nearby AirTags using an Android Phone, but this is obviously not a perfect solution. With the launch of AirTags in early 2021, iPhone users will receive a quick notification that AirTag is tracking them, but Android users must wait three days to hear the beep or manually search for AirTag. This is far from ideal.

What if Google releases a similar Bluetooth tracker in the future? Android users will soon be notified that Google Tag is tracking them, but should iPhone users wait three days before beeping?

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