How to Type Emojis on Windows 11 Laptop & PC (2021)

How to Type Emojis on Windows 11 Laptop & PC

Emojis assume a functioning part in our web correspondence. Any correspondence in progress would either finish up with an emoji or incorporate one inside the expression. Emojis have not just upgraded the way and power with which we convey our feelings on the web, however they have likewise killed the need for words. So much can be passed on with a couple of words. In this post, we are demonstrating how to type emojis on Windows 11 Laptops and PC.

All things considered, a particularly thorough part of computerized dialects ought to be coordinated into any advanced stage and contraption! Microsoft Windows, as other working frameworks, incorporates its own emoticon console, which permits clients to just choose from the Unicode rundown of emojis without exploring through emoticon based pages just to reorder emoticon.

How you can type emojis on windows 11 laptop or pc
Type Emojis on windows 11

Besides, emojis have become a vital segment of our web correspondence. Any forthcoming correspondence would either get done with an emoticon or incorporate one inside the content. Emojis have upgraded not simply the manner in which we impart our feelings on the web, yet they’ve additionally wiped out the need for words. There’s a ton that can be passed on with a couple of words.


a little advanced picture or image utilized in electronic correspondence to pass on a thought or feeling

Emoticon is a word beginning from Japanese to portray a sort of ideogram utilized as a type of pictorial correspondence in electronic informing on cell phones and web website pages.

Discovery of Emoji

Getting from the kanji for ‘picture’ and ‘character’, the word emoticon is a constriction which can be generally deciphered as ‘pictograph’. Emoticon ought not be mistaken for the fairly comparative term ’emoji’. While emoji alludes to a typographic showcase of feeling or look, emoticon are genuine pictures used to communicate feelings, looks, exercises, articles and creatures, in addition to other things. Be patient, below i will tell you how you can type emojis on windows 11 laptop or PC.

The far reaching use and ubiquity of emoticon has driven a few investigators to compare the utilization of emoticon to the advancement of another dialect of images. Emoticon are additionally continually creating, with various emoticon advancing for various implications. Emojigraphy alludes to a kind of primary sentence structure utilizing emoticon as language. There is likewise Emojipedia, which reports the development of emoticon images, their plan and implications as a component of an online reference asset. Jeremy Burge, the originator of Emojipedia, made World Emoji Day in 2014.

World Emoji Day

Seventeenth July denotes the “worldwide festival” of World Emoji Day, when individuals are urged to utilize emoticon via online media stages. Previously, designers, for example, Apple, Google and Android have delivered new series of emoticon on World Emoji Day adulating sexual orientation and ethnic variety. Below I will tell you how you can type emojis on windows 11 laptop or PC.

What’s New with the Emoji Keyboard in Windows 11?

Followings are new with the emoji keyboard in windows 11.

  • GIFs: notwithstanding the standard emojis, emojis, and images available in Windows 10, GIFs have been included along with everything else. The emoticon console in Windows 11 has a GIF segment! Clients may now look for GIFs similarly they look for emojis, emojis, and images. Besides, there are a few Graphic Interface Formats that are generally accessible.
  • Clipboard History: The ‘Clipboard History’ button in the Windows 11 emoticon console is a new component. It’s a unique chance. This catch saves the entirety of the data you’ve as of late duplicated in both content and realistic structure. Accordingly, it will be simpler to utilize those protected pieces of data later on.
  • Better Emojis: The emojis in the Windows 11 emoticon console are bigger and more definite than previously. They’re much more beautiful than the Windows 10 decisions. Moreover, the emoticon records are spread separated, killing mess and permitting less complex ID and utilization.

Type Emojis on Windows 11

The emojis in Windows 10 is different, yet just as far as emojis and images. It’s just as simple as that. Windows 11 grows that reach to incorporate significantly more. With fresher images, more classifications, and better emojis, everything in the most current Windows adaptation has acquired a layer of solace, from the appearance and feel to the simplicity of choosing the proper emojis.

Here are the techniques to type emojis on Windows 11:

Method 1. Get Emojis in Windows 11 via Touch Keyboard

The first method to type emojis on windows 11. The Windows 11 touch console likewise has emoji support, so you can type emoji in the event that you utilize the application console on the touch screen. On other current cell phones, for example, iPhones, Android telephones, and iPads, this capacities similar as composing emoticon utilizing the console. In the first place, you’ll need to empower the touch console choice and afterward begin utilizing the emojis, GIFs, Kaomoji, and others.

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and pick Taskbar settings.
  • Here, just turn on the Touch console.
  • Snap the Touch console symbol at the base right-hand corner.
Type emojis on windows 11 via touch keyboard
Emoji via touch keyboard
  • Presently, click the emoticon symbol close to the Settings or stuff symbol to open emojis.
  • Finally, go to the emoticon tab and select any emoticon you need.
type  emojis on winodws 11 laptop or pc via touch keyboard
Emoji via touch keyboard

Method 2: Type Emojis via Keyboard Shortcut

The second method to type emojis on Windows 11 is through the keyboard shortcut.

  1. Open any content tool application like Microsoft Word, Notepad, or some other application.
  • Press the Windows + .(Full stop) or Windows +; (semicolon) at the same time.
  • Doing as such will open the emoticon picker.
type emojis on windows 11 laptop or pc via keyboard shortcut
Emoji via keyboard shortcut
  • Simply click the emoticon in the window that springs up to embed it.

Final Words:

In this article, I have shown you the two methods on how you can type emojis on windows 11. I have shown you two methods one how you can get emojis in windows 11 via touch keyboard and second type emojis via keyboard shortcut. Both the method will be helpful to you, in case of any issue or question put your question in the comment section below and we will response as soon as possible.

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