How To Use Google Fonts In Microsoft Word? 3 easy steps

How to use google fonts in Microsoft Word?

Google Fonts aren’t restricted to the web. You can download and utilize them locally in applications like Microsoft Word. We’ll tell you the best way to download and utilize these font styles on the two Windows and Mac PCs.

Use Google Fonts In Microsoft Word

Follow the following steps to use and install google fonts in Microsoft word:

Step 1: Download the Fonts

In the first place, download the font style or font styles that you need to use in your records from the Google Fonts Library. You can download explicit text styles or get them at the same time.

How about we start with downloading a particular text style. Head to the Google Fonts webpage and select the font style to download.

Now, click “Download family” in the top-right corner.

Use google Fonts in microsoft word, download fonts
Download the fonts

On the off chance that you need to download all text styles from Google Fonts, open Google Fonts on GitHub in your internet browser. From that point, look down to the “Download All Google Fonts” segment and snap the download connect.

Step 2: Install Your Downloaded Google Fonts

The subsequent stage is to introduce downloaded font styles on your Windows or Mac PC.

To do this, first, double-tap the downloaded ZIP file to open it. Then, at that point, double-tap the text style record (It typically finishes with .ttf expansion.) to open the font style.

Use google Fonts in microsoft word, install fonts
Install fonts

Your PC will open a review of the chose font style. In case you’re on Windows, click “Introduce” at the highest point of this window.

Macintosh clients need to click “Introduce Font” at the lower part of the see window.

The selected font will now be installed on your computer.

Step 3: Let’s Use and access Google Fonts in Microsoft Word

In Microsoft Word, you would utilize a Google Font the same way that you utilize some other text style.

To get to the recently introduced text style in Word, open a current report in Word or select “Clear record” on Word’s principle screen to make another one.

Use google Fonts in microsoft word, use fonts in microsoft word
Use fonts
  • In Word’s editing window, on the Home tab of the Ribbon, search for the “Font style” gathering and snap the drop-down menu (which shows the momentum font style name).
  • Look down the font style drop-down menu, discover your recently introduced Google Font, and snap it.
  • Snap anyplace in your record to begin composing with your chose Google Font.
Use google Fonts in microsoft word, new fonts in microsoft word
New font

Final Words

Furthermore, that is the manner by which you bring and utilize Google’s web font styles locally on your Windows or Mac PC!

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