How to Install Kali Linux Latest version in VirtualBox on Windows 11?

How to Install Kali Linux Latest version in VirtualBox on Windows 11?

To come clean with you Kali Linux group is creating each quarter it implies a half year they are delivering another form of Kali Linux ISO for their clients. In case you’re a novice and you’re attempting to download Kali Linux interestingly then don’t stress since we are giving everything a bit-by-bit guide. Prior to introducing Kali Linux on the real PC, you need to test it inside a virtual machine, this way you will realize that is it viable in the manner in which you need it or no. In case it was not viable with how you are functioning with your consistent schedule work, then, at that point, you can pick another rendition of the Linux distro.

 How to Install Kali Linux Latest version in VirtualBox on Windows 11?
Install Kali Linux Latest version in VirtualBox on Windows 11

What is Kali Linux?

Kali Linux is a security appropriation of Linux got from Debian and explicitly intended for PC crime scene investigation and progressed infiltration testing. It was created through revising of BackTrack by Mati Aharoni and Devon Kearns of Offensive Security. Kali Linux contains a few hundred apparatuses that are all around planned towards different data security errands, for example, infiltration testing, security research, PC crime scene investigation, and figuring out.

BackTrack was their past data security Operating System. The primary emphasis of Kali Linux was Kali 1.0.0 was presented in March 2013. Hostile Security as of now assets and supports Kalin Linux. If you somehow managed to visit Kali’s site today (, you would see an enormous flag expressing, “Our Most Advanced Penetration Testing Distribution, Ever.” An extremely strong explanation that incidentally presently can’t seem to be disproven.

Kali Linux has more than 600 preinstalled entrance testing applications to find. Each program with its extraordinary adaptability and use case

Who uses Kali Linux and Why?

Kali Linux is really a novel working framework, as its one of only a handful few stages straightforwardly utilized by both heroes and trouble makers. Security Administrators, and Black Hat Hackers both utilize this working framework broadly. One to recognize and forestall security breaks, and the other to distinguish and perhaps exploit security breaks. The number of instruments designed and preinstalled on the working framework, make Kali Linux the Swiss Army blade in any security experts tool stash.

Professionals that use Kali Linux

  • Security Administrators – Security Administrators are liable for protecting their foundation’s data and information. They use Kali Linux to audit their environment(s) and guarantee there are no effectively discoverable weaknesses.
  • Organization Administrators – Network Administrators are liable for keeping a proficient and secure organization. They use Kali Linux to review their organization. For instance, Kali Linux can recognize rebel passageways.
  • Organization Architects – Network Architects, are answerable for planning secure organization conditions. They use Kali Linux to review their underlying plans and guarantee nothing was ignored or misconfigured.
  • Pen Testers – Pen Testers, use Kali Linux to review conditions and perform surveillance on professional workplaces which they have been recruited to audit.
  • CISO – CISO or Chief Information Security Officers, use Kali Linux to inside review their current circumstance and find if any new applications or rouge designs have been set up.
  • Measurable Engineers – Kali Linux groups a “Legal Mode”, which permits a Forensic Engineer to perform information revelation and recuperation in certain occasions.
  • White Hat Hackers – White Hat Hackers, like Pen Testers use Kali Linux to review and find weaknesses which might be available in a climate.
  • Dark Hat Hackers – Black Hat Hackers, use Kali Linux to find and take advantage of weaknesses. Kali Linux additionally has various social architect applications, which can be used by a Black Hat Hacker to think twice about association or person.
  • Dim Hat Hackers – Gray Hat Hackers, lie in the middle of White Hat and Black Hat Hackers. They will use Kali Linux in similar strategies as the two recorded previously.
  • PC Enthusiast – Computer Enthusiast is a lovely conventional term, however anybody keen on studying systems administration or PCs, as a rule, can utilize Kali Linux to become familiar with Information Technology, systems administration, and normal weaknesses.

Install Kali Linux Latest version in VirtualBox on Windows 11

In the upcoming paragraphs, I will tell you the complete steps of how you can install Kali Linux latest version in VirtualBox on Windows 11.  I will tell you how to download kali Linux latest version, download VirtualBox latest version, install VirtualBox on Windows 11, plus import Kali Linux OVA in VirtualBox Windows 11. So be patient and follow the steps carefully, to install kali Linux Latest version in VirtualBox on Windows 11.

Step #1. Download Kali Linux latest version

To download Kali Linux on your PC for VirtualBox, click on the download button. Presently you are in the download segment of the Kali Linux, click on the virtual machine and it will take you to the segments where they have given the download connections to the virtual machine. Relax, you are not introducing the Kali Linux in the VirtualBox, all things being equal, you are downloading a pre-installed Kali Linux on your PC, and afterward, you are essentially bringing it into the VirtualBox.

Virtual Machine
Virtual Machine

Prior to downloading you need to choose whether you will utilize the 64-bit form of Kali Linux or the 32-bit adaptation of Kali Linux. Since we are downloading the Kali Linux 64-bit for VirtualBox, click on the VirtualBox and it’ll begin downloading the Kali Linux ova for VirtualBox. In case you are intrigued to download Kali Linux utilizing their downpour, you can likewise download do that.

Download virtualBox

Step #2. Download and Install VirtualBox in Windows 11

VirtualBox and Kali Linux are both open-source virtualization and working framework programming for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Solaris. In case you are going to install and test Kali Linux on a Virtual machine on Windows 11, you need to download and Install the most recent rendition of VirtualBox. To get VirtualBox on Windows 11, go to, go to the downloads area and download the virtual box for Windows working framework.

Download VirtualBox
Download VirtualBox

Step #3. Import Kali Linux OVA in VirtualBox on Windows 11

At the point when you install VirtualBox and downloaded the Kali Linux Image, the subsequent stage is to import the picture on VirtualBox. Adhere to the accompanying guidelines.

Start VirtualBox, go to Tools, and snap on the Import button, or just snap on the import button on the landing page of VirtualBox.

Click import
Click import

The second the subsequent window is opened, at the lower part of the Window, click master mode. From the left sheet you need to check the source, is it on the web or some other area or any outer hard drive. Then, at that point, you need to just tap on the organizer symbol and find the ova of Kali Linux.

Of course, the settings about Kali Linx working framework like RAM, CPU Cores, Guest working framework adaptation, and different settings are designed. Assuming you need to carry your own progressions to the Kali Linux virtual machine then you can set the settings in the manner in which you need them in the right sheet.

Whenever you are done, with designing the settings, click on the import button.

Click Import
Click import

Allow it a moment or something like that, until the importation ought to be finished.


The time has come to control on the virtual machine of Kali Linux’s most recent rendition, to do it basically click on the beginning catch. Likewise recall that the default client and secret word for the Kali Linux inside VirtualBox is kali and kali.

Click start
Click start

Bottom Point

Along these lines, this is the means by which to install Kali Linux most recent form in VirtualBox on Windows 11. I trust this bit-by-bit guide has helped, and kindly let us on the off chance that you face any issues during the installation.

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