Install PearOS on PC | macOS Linux Distro (2021)

Install PearOS on PC. Beta version of PearOS Monterey 12. PearOS is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS and KDE Plasma 5.12 that attempts to mimic the look and feel of macOS.

pearOS Monterey

Completely free operating system, with many useful functions, beautiful design and regularly updated.

System Requirements for pearOS:

Your Pearintosh will run at peak performance requires internet connection Free USB port: 3.0 for high speed (USB 2.0 also works) Free disk space: 15 GB (20 GB recommended) (SSD for best performance) At least a dual-core CPU (Intel Core 2, Intel Core i3) At least 3 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended) 3D hardware acceleration (for smoothness, blur and effects). In this article I will use VirtualBox and I am going to show you how to Install PearOS on PC.

Steps to Install PearOS on PC:

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Open the VirtualBox and click on the New button.
  • Then click on the expert mode.
Install PearOS on PC
  • Fill the black as filled bellow and click create
  • Select a file location.
  • Then Select the amount of storage you need.
  • To attach the PearOS Monterey go to the settings> Storage, and add the secondary device to VirtualBox.
  • Click on the start at the top to install pearOS Monterey.

Finally you have Install PearOS on PC. Now you can configure it and start it.

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