How to Modify Your Hosts File on Windows 11 PC with Ease

How to Modify Your Hosts File on Windows 11 PC with Ease

The host’s document contains file stockpiling data that allots the hostname and IP address to the worker. Notwithstanding, Windows will in any case synchronize the host’s record, despite the fact that DNS is progressively used to determine IP addresses. Windows 11 hosts document permits you to change settling IP addresses. In this aide, I will show how you can alter or modify your hosts file on Windows 11 PC and PC.

Why do You need To Edit or Change Your Hosts File?

What is the hosts file? The hosts document is a PC file utilized by the working framework to plan hostnames to IP addresses. The host file is a plain book document, which is generally called the host. For different reasons, it very well might be important to refresh the host file on your PC to accurately resolve the site by the area name. Modify your hosts file on windows 11.

The most widely recognized explanation is to permit individuals to see or distribute web content following buying another space name or moving a current area name to another ISP (Internet Service Provider). There is a postpone period for new and moved area names, going from a couple of hours to a couple of days. During this period, the data of the new space or the moved area is spread on the Internet and is for the most part inaccessible.

In the event that you need to refresh your website promptly and can’t trust that the space data will spread on the Internet, you can alter a document on your PC as a workaround. Whatever the explanation, altering the hosts file in Windows 11 is quite basic.

Steps to Edit or Modify Your Hosts File on Windows 11

So on the off chance that you need to modify your hosts file on windows 11 PC, you need to follow the under two steps:

Step 1. Back up Your Host File

Before you alter has document, you should make a reinforcement of the hosts record. In the case of something turns out badly, you ought to have the option to reestablish it to the functioning rendition.

  • Open the File Explorer on your PC and afterward explore to the C: → Windows → System32 → drivers → and so on folder.
Modify your hosts file on windows 11, File explorer
File explorer
  • Or on the other hand you can reorder the file way underneath into document voyager and afterward hit Enter to open the host organizer.
  • C: \Windows\system32\drivers\etc
  • You will see a file called has in this envelope. Duplicate the host document and glue it to another area for reinforcement. You can likewise save it to the and so on organizer under another name, yet doing as such will require manager advantages.
Modify your hosts file on windows 11, host file
Host file

Step 2. Change or Edit Hosts file in Windows 11 using Notepad

After you upheld up your hosts document, you can now essentially adjust, alter or even change your hosts file. For that, follow the beneath steps:

  • In the first place, open Notepad as a chairman. To do this, discover “Scratch pad” in the beginning menu, then, at that point right-click on the Notepad application symbol and select “Run as administrator ” from the menu.
Modify your hosts file on windows 11, run as adminstrator
Run as administrator
  • Presently, a consent brief will be shown on the screen asking, “Would you like to permit this application to make changes to your PC?” Select ‘Yes’ from the exchange box. Then, at that point, Notepad will be opened with head advantages permitting you to alter the hosts document.
  • To alter has record, on the File menu, click Open (Ctrl O) and a window will seem mentioning the area of the document. Peruse to the host document and open it.
Modify your hosts file on windows 11, Tap open
Tap Open
  • Presently, you can add the new IP address and space name to be set out to the furthest limit of the record, and utilize the console alternate route Ctrl + S to save it. By opening Notepad in chairman mode, you can undoubtedly save records without extra authorizations. Modify your hosts file on windows 11 PC.
Modify your hosts file on windows 11, save file
Save file
Modify your hosts file on windows 11, edit host file
Edit host file

Tip: You can do likewise with other content manager projects like Notepad++. For instance, I opened the Hosts document in Notepad++.Modify your hosts file on windows 11

Final Words

So this is the way you can alter or modify your hosts file on Windows 11 utilizing Notepad. There might be numerous visual contrasts between Windows 11 and Windows 10. The Windows framework envelope structure remains fundamentally unaltered, particularly documents and organizers. So presently you know about the Windows have document and its job; if it’s not too much trouble, make certain to send this article to the individuals who need it.

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