Samsung Galaxy S21 Review. Design, Display, Cameras, Battery, Performance.

Samsung Galaxy S21

The Samsung Galaxy S21 isn’t the star of Samsung’s S arrangement in 2021, similar to what we’ve been utilized to for the greater part of the previous decade, however, it’s a strong cell phone decision with a noteworthy camera, incredible internals, and extraordinary battery life. On the off chance that you need the most elite, look to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra; however, if you need a handset that is less expensive than the Galaxy S20 was at dispatch, with an entire heap of premium highlights, the Galaxy S21 is a joy to utilize, and will do you glad.

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Samsung Galaxy S21
Samsung Galaxy S21


  • New Contour Cut camera configuration sticks out
  • ‘Glasstic’ back with a matte completion
  • Feels premium, yet not as very good quality as S21 Ultra

The plan is the place where Samsung has made the most recognizable changes over the S20 (which we delegated 2020’s best cell phone), upgrading the materials utilized, the tones, and the general look of the gadget.

There’s a 6.2-inch Full HD+ AMOLED display on this handset, which we’ll jump into additional in the display-case area underneath. This smartphone is the littlest individual from the Samsung Galaxy S21 family, and keeping in mind that it may not be just about as trim as the iPhone 12 scaled-down, those with more modest hands shouldn’t experience a lot of difficulties utilizing it.

On the off chance that you need a bigger smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus accompanies a bigger screen and the Galaxy S21 Ultra has the biggest screen of the entire arrangement. Both of these handsets are more costly, however.

Samsung has changed from a full glass back on the Galaxy S20 – a plan that wasn’t too energizing in the tissue – to a ‘Glasstic’ back that accompanies a matte completion and fuses another camera block plan.

Glasstic is the organization’s own name for the material, which as the name recommends is somewhere close to plastic and glass. It doesn’t feel as premium as a glass back, however, the matte completion likewise implies it doesn’t feel like modest plastic all things considered.

Samsung utilized a similar material on the Galaxy Note 20, yet the matte completion feels more appropriate here and it’s significantly less sparkly than the glass back on the Galaxy S20, which implies it’s to a lesser extent a unique finger impression magnet. The metal edges around the outside of the gadget add a bit of premium clean.

You have four shading decisions at dispatch: Phantom Gray, Phantom White, Phantom Pink, and Phantom Violet, we think Violet is the champion tone here.

The organization has made the camera exhibit on the Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones appear to be unique to some other available. Samsung is calling this its Contour Cut Camera, and it’s a troublesome plan most definitely – in spite of the fact that we think it looks strong, and it’s something we’ve become used to during our time testing the smartphone. The gold camera cluster on the Phantom Violet variation is especially attractive, and it feels slimmer than on the Galaxy S20, so it doesn’t jut out from the back of the smartphone to such an extent.

Samsung Galaxy S21, Design
Samsung Galaxy S21, Deaign

There’s almost no to separate the smooth edges of the smartphone: the base edge includes the SIM plate, a USB-C port and a speaker grille, while on the correct side are the force catch and volume rocker; nonetheless, the Bixby button found on different handsets from the organization hasn’t made a return here. Rather you can dispatch Samsung’s aide by long squeezing the force button.

One negative for some is the change to a totally level screen on the Samsung Galaxy S21. Samsung has utilized screens that bend alluringly into the body at the left and right edges for various ages now, however, this has been dropped for the Samsung Galaxy S21.

It’s probably not going to be something you’ll see except if you’re utilized to those bent edges, however, it’s significant in case you’re somebody who especially enjoys that plan highlight – and just like the case with other dropped highlights, Samsung has held the bent edge screen for the top-notch S21 Ultra.

With everything taken into account, the Samsung Galaxy S21 feels like a superior gadget, even though it’s probably not going to feel as top-end as the Samsung Galaxy S20 on the off chance that you own that handset or the Galaxy S21 Ultra.


Samsung has both minimized and updated the Samsung Galaxy S21’s 6.2-inch AMOLED display from what the S20 recently highlighted. You presently don’t need to pick between a full HD+ goal running at 120Hz or a QHD running at 60Hz, as you did with the Galaxy S20, yet that is because the S21 finishes out at 1080p goal.

While that is more prohibitive, I feel it eliminates intricacy. You can proceed to set the presentation to adhere to 60Hz, on the off chance that you need to eek out however much battery life as could be expected, or you simply love a touch of judder while looking through site pages. Yet, at that point, you’d be surrendered a dynamic invigorate rate, which permits the Samsung Galaxy S21 to drop its revive rate from 120Hz to 48Hz contingent upon the main job. It is anything but an update you’ll essentially see when you’re not looking over, yet it’s a shrewd one that discreetly makes the Samsung Galaxy S21 more pleasant to utilize.

Samsung Galaxy S21, Display
Samsung Galaxy S21, Display

Testing its “regular” screen setting, the Galaxy S21 display conveys 109.2% sRGB and 77.4% DCI-P3 shading range inclusion, and a Delta-E of 0.29. Those are acceptable scores, however the iPhone 12 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra beat the Samsung Galaxy S21 regarding inclusion and shading exactness.

Be that as it may, in viable utilize the Samsung Galaxy S21’s displaycase is fabulous. Stick it in “Distinctive” mode and you’ll see stores of difference and shading, regardless of whether the last decides in favor oversaturation. The presentation is incredible for watching recordings and films, gazing at Instagram pics, and messing around on. Samsung has since a long time ago had fantastic display cases on its Galaxy S smartphones, and the Samsung Galaxy S21 is no special case.


Equipment savvy, the Samsung Galaxy S21 cameras are actually equivalent to the Galaxy S20. The triple camera cluster involves a principle 12MP wide-point focal point, a 12MP super-wide focal point and a 64MP zooming focal point with 3x cross breed optic zoom and 30x space zoom.

In any case, Samsung is pulling a Google and inclining hard on programming and computational photography moves up to improve the threesome of back cameras. Furthermore, generally, the Samsung Galaxy S21 accomplishes this.

The telephoto camera here is great as well, offering 3x optical zoom and up to 30x computerized zoom. The outcomes won’t come close to what you’ll get from the two fax cameras on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, yet this is as yet a great component to mess with.

Samsung Galaxy S21, Cameras
Samsung Galaxy S21, Cameras


As a rule, the littlest smartphone in a flagship arrangement is additionally the one with the most exceedingly terrible battery life. While that may wind up being valid for Samsung’s setup this year, fortunately, Samsung is getting going from an incredible spot.

In the week or so I’ve been utilizing the Samsung Galaxy S21 as my day-by-day driver, the 4,000 mAh battery has effortlessly kept going me an entire day each and every day. The most minimal I at any point figured out how to bring this smartphone down to was about 25%, yet that was with almost six hours of dynamic screen time. The normal, however, wasn’t excessively far behind that.

We do need to discuss the glaring issue at hand. Samsung took the charging block from the Samsung Galaxy S21 box, giving clients just a USB-C to USB-C link to top up. That implies you’ll need to purchase a charger all alone. You can get a decent, quick 20W charger from confided-in brands, for example, Anker or Aukey for around $15 on Amazon, or Samsung’s own 25W alternative for $20. I don’t believe it’s a gigantic arrangement that Samsung eliminated the charger from the case, however I do figure they might have mellowed the pass up just incorporating a coupon code in the case for a free charger for the individuals who really need it. Actually, I’ll actually be utilizing a remote charger.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Supports 5G

Furthermore, last, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is a 5G smartphone. It upholds both sub-6 and mmWave forms of 5G, which means in the US you’ll have your decision of the three significant transporters. 5G shouldn’t be the sole motivation to get this smartphone. In any case, the Samsung Galaxy S21 will be numerous individuals’ first 5G smartphone and its velocities and association ought to improve as transporters continue to improve their 5G organizations.


In the U.S, the Samsung Galaxy S21 accompanies the most recent Snapdragon 888 chip, which guarantees 20% better CPU execution, 35% more GPU speed, just as supported AI execution. Even though there’s no 12GB of RAM alternative, the Samsung Galaxy S21 does a lot with its 8GB, and I didn’t experience any lull in my testing.

Discussing which, getting the Snapdragon 888-prepared Samsung Galaxy S21 through a progression of benchmarks, saw the chip convey a multi-center score of 3,302 in Geekbench 5. That is more slow than the iPhone 12, which rounded up a score of 3,859. Yet, the S21, dominates a ton of other Android smartphones with the more established Snapdragon 865.

Concerning the execution of the illustrations, the Samsung Galaxy S21 finished out at 33 casings each second in 3DMark’s Wild Life designs benchmark. It’s beaten by the iPhone 12’s 39 fps, however is in front of other flagship Android smartphones. In down-to-earth use, however, the S21 bites through games.

Samsung Galaxy S21
Samsung Galaxy S21

Both Call of Duty: Mobile and Asphalt 9 Legends ran easily at max settings, with the 120Hz invigorate rate further adding to the perfection. It’s significant that while we tried the Snapdragon 888 Samsung Galaxy S21, I was utilizing a handset with the Exynos 2100.

Based on a 5-nanometre measure hub like the Snapdragon 888, the Exynos 2100 is intended to convey 20% improvement in energy effectiveness and a 10% improvement in execution throughout the last-gen 7nm Exynos 990. Tossing the S2100 at Geekbench 5, it got a score of 3,391 so is comparable to the Snapdragon chip, which is satisfying as Exynos chips have recently falled behind.

With those games open and a heap of other applications running simultaneously, I didn’t see any log jam or absence of responsiveness from the S21, however, its back got somewhat warm.

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