How To See Your Most Used Apps on iPhone? 3 Easy Steps

How to see your most used apps on iPhone?

In the event that you’ve at any point been interested to see your most used apps on iPhone, there’s a method to follow along, yet you need to turn on Apple’s Screen Time highlight first. Here’s the way to set it up.

See your most used apps on iphone
How to see your most used apps on iPhone?

See Your Most Used Apps On iPhone

if you want to track your app usage and want to see your most used apps on iPhone then you are at the right place. This article will give you the complete guide that how you can see your most used apps on iPhone. Follow the following steps:

Step 1: Turn On Screen Time

Before you can see your most used apps on iPhone, you’ll need to transform on a free element incorporated into iOS and iPadOS called Screen Time. Screen Time assists you with monitoring how you utilize your iPhone. It can likewise help you set caps for your application use in the event that you’d like, albeit that is discretionary.

Go to settings app, and tap on “ screen time”, to enable screen time.

Screen time
Screen time

Then, tap “Turn on Screen Time” and select “This is My iPhone” or “This is My Child’s iPhone,” contingent upon which choice best suits your circumstance.

Turn on screen time
Turn on screen time

From that point forward, you’ll see a Screen Time rundown page with no information—yet we’ll fix that issue rapidly enough!

Step 2: Use Your iPhone—and Then Check Screen Time Again

The catch with utilizing Screen Time is that it should be empowered to begin gathering information to see your most used apps on iphone. In the event that you just turned it on, you will not have a most-utilized application rundown to take a gander at.

In this way, since Screen Time has been empowered and you can see your most used apps on iphone, utilize your iPhone as you ordinarily would. Inevitably, you can return in with Screen Time and see a few insights. (Simply call me and let me realize when you’re prepared, and we’ll proceed.)

you’ve had Screen Time turned on the whole time! Open the Settings application and tap “Screen Time” once more.

On the Screen Time summary page, you’ll see a graph that shows your normal every day action. Simply under that diagram, tap “See All Activity.”

tap on see all activity
Tap on see all activity

Then, pick whether you need to see your most-utilized applications over the time of a day, week, month, or year at the highest point of the screen. (More decisions will show up on the off chance that you keep Screen Time empowered longer.)

Choose one

Then, at that point, look down to the “Most Used” area, and you’ll see a rundown of applications arranged by which you utilized the most throughout the chose time-frame, with your most-utilized applications recorded at the top.

From here, there are various ways that you can investigate this information. In the event that you tap “Show More” close to the lower part of the rundown, the rundown will grow. In the event that you tap “Show Categories,” you can see your most-utilized applications arranged by general classifications, for example, “Social,” “Innovativeness,” or “Shopping and Food.”

Step 3: Take Action

now that you have see your most used apps on iPhone its time to take action. While perusing the “Most Used” list in Screen Time on the iPhone, you can get more subtleties on the amount you’ve utilized a specific application by tapping its symbol. While on the nitty gritty view screen, in the event that you need to draw a timetable for keep you from utilizing the application to an extreme, look down and tap “Add Limit.”

You can also add limits

From that point forward, you’ll see a screen where you can draw a timetable for the application in hours or minutes. At the point when that is no joke, “Add.”

From here on out, at whatever point your time is up, you’ll see a ready spring up, advising you that “Yesterday You” doesn’t need you to utilize the application any longer. Mentally grappling with your past self like that is past the extent of this instructional exercise, however basically you’ll realize that Screen Time is tackling its work. Best of luck!

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