How to Silence an Android Mobile Automatically While Charging

How to Silence an Android Mobile Automatically While Charging? Do you charge your phone while you sleep like most people do? Don’t worry, we will show you how to silence an android mobile automatically while charging with Google Clock, instead of manually mute your phone every night.

Android phones will not block the alarm, which is great if you mute your phone while you are sleeping. However, we can do better. With Google Clock Do Not Disturb mode, you can automatically mute the sound and receive important notifications when your phone is charging.

Google Clock

Google Clock is probably the most reliable and stable clock application currently available. You can perform all the basic tasks you expect from the watch app. Including stopwatch, timer, clock and alarm clock. Alarms can be easily configured. Stopwatch and timer. They are very light. The app also has material design. In other words, it looks comfortable and effective. Also supports Android Wear and world time functions.

How to Mute your Mobile Automatically While Charging using Google Clock

How to Silence an Android Mobile Automatically While Charging

The Google Clock app’s “Bedtime” tab contains many tools that you can use to silence your phone while it’s charging. It is suitable for all Android devices. If you have a new Android phone, Digital Wellbeing can provide you with additional sleep options.

Follow the Steps to silence an Android Mobile Automatically While Charging:

Step 1. Download the Google Clock app from the Google Play Store.

Google Clock in Play Store

Step 2. Open the “Clock” app and then select “Bedtime” in the bottom toolbar.

Step 3. Select “Get Started.”


Step 4: Set a regular snooze alarm. Click the minus (-) and plus (+) icons to set the time. Select the day of the week to use the alarm clock. Complete this step.

Set a wake-up time

Step 5: Set bedtime. As before, use the minus (-) and plus (+) icons to select the time, and then select the days of the week that you want this to happen.

Set bedtime

Step 6. Now that Digital Wellbeing has been downloaded to your phone, you will see “Night Mode” on the screen. Click “Night Mode” to turn it on.

Select Bedtime mode

Step 7. Select “When charging before going to bed”. Here you can see the wake and sleep time we selected in the previous step.

Step 8. At the bottom, you need to check “Do Not Disturb”. This will turn off notifications when your phone is charging within the selected time.

Bedtime options

Step 9. Click the back arrow icon in the top-left to return to the previous screen.

Going back

Step 10. Tap on the “Done” button to finish.


This is it. From now on, you can now silence an android mobile automatically while charging with Google Clock during the selected sleep time, but important notifications will still be displayed.

This is a win-win situation. If you want to take full advantage of this feature, you need to set the “Do Not Disturb” mode. Unfortunately, this process varies from device to device. good night.

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