Transfer Data From Android To IOS

How to transfer data from android to IOS?

How to transfer data from android to IOS? Changing from Android to iOS is an extremely fine occupation however inside iOS, you are not very free as android. Along these lines, whatever, the thought here is How to Transfer Android Data to iOS with basic and simple advances. Let’s be honest moving android information, for example, Android Apps like YouTube, Gmail. Instagram and that’s just the beginning, Photos, recordings, and more are a genuine annoyance physically. In fundamental words, you can move contacts, messages, camera Photos, and Videos, web bookmarks, Mail records, Calendars, lastly free applications with this technique. In this way, follow the underneath steps on the most proficient method to move Android information to iOS.


  • Make sure that you have a Wi-Fi connection with on your android mobile
  • Now turn on both your devices 
  • Everything you want to move, must suit your new IOS mobile
  • In order to move chrome bookmarks, being updated to the latest version of chrome is necessary.

Lets start, there are some simple steps how you can transfer data from android to IOS. Lets start.

Step 1:

If you have rest your device that’s ok. If not, then you have to first reset your device. Go to settings and rest your device first. Go to settings > General > Reset > Reset all contents and settings. Now your phone will restart and the process begins.

transfer data from android to IOS, reset
Transfer Data From Android To IOS, reset iphone

Step 2: Configure your phone

As your mobile phone has restarted, now the real process has started. Now follow the steps as your are instructed by your mobile device.

The first thing that appears is select language. Select your language, the language that you know.

transfer data from android to IOS, select language
Transfer Data From Android To IOS, select language

Now select your country or region, the place you are living. If your country is not in the list you can also select another country.

transfer data from android to IOS,  select region
Transfer Data From Android To IOS, select country
  • Now press quick start. Connect to your Wi-Fi connect.
  • Agree to the privacy policy of your Apple mobile phone.
  • Skip touch id or configure it. It doesn’t really matters.

After doing all those things, you can see that you are given some options. In those options you can see that one of the option is the option that you want or is your need for transfer data from android to IOS.

transfer data from android to IOS,  choose your option
Transfer Data From Android To IOS, choose your option

As your option has appeared, your task is to press it. Yeah! Press “move data from android”. Now wait a little and don’t press continue because you have to do some other tasks to do. Lets go.

Step 3: Download and install an App 

Step no. 3 is to pick up your android smartphone. Turn it on go to the “Play Store” > search > move to IOS App > press search. Once your search is completed and the app is popped up on the screen. Click on the app and press install. Once the app is installed you have to open it now. You will see now the display of the app that shows what the app is for. Next step

transfer data from android to IOS,  find code
Transfer Data From Android To IOS, install app

Step 4: Confirmation code

Move to your IOS Device. Now is the time to press continue. After pressing continue a code will appear on your screen. 

Next switch again to your android device and continue the app. Agree to the terms and condition of the app and continue. 

The next screen appears, telling you to put the code in. Write the code inside the app what was given to you on your IOS device. And continue

transfer data from android to IOS, confirm code
Transfer Data From Android To IOS, confirm code

Now will see a screen with some options. The options which you have to select which files or data you want to transfer from your android device to your IOS Device. Select the necessary once and leave the rest. Its up to you now, you know which file is important to you and want to transfer; the google account, contacts, or the camera roll. 

  • As you have decided and selected which files you have to transfer, now press next.
  • Wait a little
  • Once the transfer is completed, click done and move on.

Put down your android device, as you have nothing to do with it anymore. Pick up your IOS device and do the rest of the work which is remaining. Configure the rest of your device setting by pressing “continue setting up iPhone”.

  • Put your Apple ID where it’s asking in order to make app store work.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of your IOS Device.
  • Update your phone if not updated for the latest features, security, and improvements.
  • Next enable iMessage and Facetime or press the “Not Now” button.
  • Now enable or disable your location service. It’s up to you.
  • Next you can set up Siri for your daily use and voice searches or you can just skip it by pressing “set up latter in settings”.
  • Next you can continue the screen time to limit the weekly usage of apps or you can skip it by pressing “set up latter in settings”.
  • Next Apple asks you to share your analytics but it’s up to you weather you want to share it or not. I think it’s really not a good idea to share it. 
  • Next enable or disable True tone Display to control the screen brightness of your IOS Device.
  • Now press “Get started
  • As you are seeing that your apps are installing, your contacts are in your contact lists and other things.

Congratulations you have done it. You have transferred your file from your android device to your IOS device finally. 

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