4 Ways to Use Dual WhatsApp on a Samsung Galaxy Mobile

4 Ways to Use Dual WhatsApp on a Samsung Galaxy Mobile. Do you want to have two WhatsApp accounts on one mobile phone? Then you are in the right place at the right time, in this guide, I will show you how to use dual WhatsApp on a Samsung Galaxy mobile, now without a doubt. In terms of the best messaging app, WhatsApp is a social media app that goes hand-in-hand with Signal and Telegram.

You know, using one or two WhatsApp accounts can be helpful. For example, an individual uses one of these accounts, and you yourself use another WhatsApp account. However, you can find multiple third-party apps in the Google Play store that allow you to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same device. You will use the app to run multiple WhatsApp accounts on one phone, and then use them to create multiple WhatsApp accounts in these apps at once.

How to Use Dual WhatsApp on a Samsung Galaxy Mobile

4 Ways to Use Dual WhatsApp on a Samsung Galaxy Mobile

However, for Samsung Galaxy mobile users, I have good news: if you want to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same device, you will have no problem. The mobile device manufacturer has introduced a new feature called “Dual Messenger” that allows users to set up two different profiles for the same social network or messaging service.

Dual Messenger allows users to run two identical applications at the same time. This application allows your account to work independently of other accounts. A separate contact list is also an option for you. WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and Skype are among the supported applications.

Once you install compatible apps on your device, they will automatically appear in the list. However, here I will show you 4 ways you can use dual WhatsApp on a Samsung Galaxy mobile.

1. Use Dual WhatsApp on a Samsung Galaxy Mobile via Samsung Secure Folder

Samsung Secure Folder is an encrypted area on your device where you can store pictures, videos, files, applications, and data that you want to prevent others from snooping. The secure folder is protected by the Samsung Knox protection platform.

In order to prevent your data from being spied on, you need to use and apply a password or choose a biometric lock. Different Android interfaces.

It implements brand new Android software for Android phones, so you can have any connected and up-to-date Google Play application. Samsung created Knox to help consumers distinguish their personal and professional lives, but it can be used for any purpose.

Enable Samsung Secure Folder:

Head over to the Settings > Biometrics and security > Secure Folder. Or you can find it from Notification Bar as well.

Notification Bar
  • Click Agree.
  • Write down your Samsung Account details, then click Sign in or OK.
  • Select the lock method you wish to use, then click Next.
  • Enter your preferred lock method, then select Continue.
Select a password
  • Enter the lock method again, then choose Confirm.
  • A shortcut to the Secure Folder will be added to your Home and Apps screen.

Use Two WhatsApp With Secure Folder:

  • Open the “Secure Folder” app.
  • Click on the“Add apps” option.
  • Find WhatsApp and click on “Add”

This allows you to directly access the WhatsApp application in the secure folder again, where you can now register with a different number, or you can use it with the original number on the same phone.

2. Use Dual WhatsApp on a Samsung Galaxy Mobile using Dual Messenger

Here are the steps you can follow to use dual WhatsApp on a Samsung Galaxy mobile using Dual Messenger on Samsung:

Step 1. Have a pre-installed WhatsApp installed from the Google Play Store and set it up with your number.

Step 2. Open the Settings app and then click on the Advanced features.

Step 3. Selecy Dual Messenger.

Step 4. Turn the toggle on next to WhatsApp. A pop-up will appear, confirming the installation of the second WhatsApp. Tap on Install

Dual Messenger

Step 5. Now open the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy phone, and you will see the newly installed WhatsApp on the phone. The second WhatsApp has a dual messenger icon, which you can use to distinguish the two applications. Set up your account with the second WhatsApp and you are done.

3. Use Dual WhatsApp on a Samsung Galaxy mobile using Dual Space app

Dual Space is designed for users who log in to two or more application accounts from one mobile phone. Almost all applications are compatible with the second account. It is also an application fully compatible with WhatsApp. It enables you to have two. Using WhatsApp on one device, you can easily strike a balance between life and work. The two accounts work independently, and messages from the two accounts will not interfere with each other.

Follow the below steps to run multiple WhatsApp accounts using Dual Space:

Step 1. Open the Google Play Store, and search for Dual Space. Tap the Install button.

Dual Space in Play Store

Step 2. Open the Dual Space app, and tap on the ‘Start’ option.


Step 3. You can see the social apps already there if you can’t see WhatsApp. Tap on the ‘Add’ option


Step 4. Now, just open WhatsApp from there and set your account in it.

That’s how you can have two WhatsApp accounts on the same device using Dual Space.

4. Have WhatsApp Business

The installed WhatsApp business version is another way to use dual WhatsApp on a Samsung Galaxy mobile. This is another free messaging app from the parent company Facebook, which also owns WhatsApp. For example, badges, catalogs, welcome messages, etc.

This strategy also allows you to easily have multiple WhatsApp accounts. You can also customize everything in the second WhatsApp account.

To install WhatsApp Business, just go to the Google Play store, search for “WhatsApp Business” and install it.

Final Words

These are the 4 best ways to use dual WhatsApp on a Samsung Galaxy mobile. The choice is yours. You can use the Dual Messenger or Dual Space option, or you can use them to have more than 4 WhatsApp accounts on one device.

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