How to Watch YouTube Videos with Friends on Discord simple / Easy (2021)

Are you in search of how to watch youtube videos with friends all together and can’t find any way? So, don’t be disappointed because in this article I will show you how you can watch youtube videos with friends all together. Follow the steps that I will give you below.

YouTube has lately begun to deactivate a number of popular Discord bots that allowed users to play YouTube videos with their friends. Right now, it appears that an official YouTube integration with Discord is in the works.

Watch Together is a tool currently in beta that allows you to join with friends on Discord to watch YouTube videos together. Of course, as many bots did before being shut down, you could use it to play YouTube music. We’ll show you how to watch YouTube videos with friends on Discord in this guide. On Discord, you’ll learn how to start or join a YouTube viewing party.

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What is really Discord? 

Discord, free audio, video, and text chat program, is used by tens of millions of individuals aged 13 and up to interact and socialize with their groups and friends. They chat about everything from art projects and family trips to homework and mental health support on Discord every day. It may accommodate communities of any size, but it is most usually used by small, dynamic groups of people who communicate frequently.

The vast majority of servers are private, invite-only spaces where friends and communities can interact and communicate. Larger, more open communities exist for certain topics, such as popular video games like Minecraft and Fortnite. Because all Discord discussions are opt-in, users have complete control over who they connect with and how they communicate.

Discord is popular among users because it serves as a central point for all of their communities and friend groups. It’s a safe haven where they can be themselves while mingling with others who share their interests and pastimes. There is no algorithm deciding what they should see, there is no constant scrolling, and there is no news feed. Discord conversations are motivated by common interests.

Join a YouTube Watch Party on Discord

  • Open Discord, go to the voice channel, and click on “Join Activity” to join an existing Discord YouTube viewing party.
  • You might even host a watch party for your buddies. Click the “Invite To Activity” button in the bottom-left corner of the screen to do so.
  • From the invite screen, you can either search for your Discord buddies or copy the activity invite link and manually paste it into the chat.
Watch YouTube Videos with Friends on Discord simple / Easy
Picture Guide

Watch YouTube Videos with Friends on Discord

Before we get into the stages, keep in mind that Discord’s Watch Together feature is currently being phased down. Watch Together should be available on all Discord servers by the end of October. It means that the feature may not be available right now on your Discord server, but it will be in a few weeks. Let’s get started now that we’ve cleared that up!

Follow the steps to watch youtube videos with friends on Discord.

  • Join your server’s Discord voice channel and look for the new rocket icon next to the screen-sharing icon to set up Watch Together for a YouTube watch party.
  • When you click the rocket icon, you’ll be able to start a new “Watch Together” session.
  • To continue, click the “Continue” button.
  • After that, you’ll get another pop-up asking you to authorise Watch Together. After clicking “Authorize,” you’ll be able to start an official YouTube watch party in Discord.
  • A search box, trending videos, and a thumbnail preview of the participants are now available. Find the YouTube video you wish to watch with your Discord pals using the search bar.
  • You have the remote control by default. The remote can control video playing, pause the video for everyone, and choose and scrub through videos. If you want to share the remote, turn off the toggle below the video queue.
Watch YouTube Videos with Friends on Discord simple / Easy
Image guide
Watch YouTube Videos with Friends on Discord simple / Easy
Image guide

This was how you can watch youtube videos together with friends on discord and go and use discord’s this amazing feature and enjoy with your friends.

Final Words

This article explained how to use Discord to watch YouTube videos with friends. We also demonstrated how to join and start to Watch youtube videos Together with friends on Discord, as well as how to invite your friends. The inclusion of adverts is the sole disadvantage. It’ll be fascinating to see whether Discord and YouTube engineers work together to establish an authentication solution that allows YouTube Premium subscribers to watch videos on Discord without being interrupted by commercials.

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