How to see what CPU is in your Chromebook and how fast is it? 2 easy methods

How to see what CPU is in your Chromebook and how fast is it?

Like on Windows PCs and Macs, it’s not difficult to check what equipment is driving your Chromebook. In spite of the fact that you could generally google your gadget’s model name and number, that is excessive. You can discover the CPU data straightforwardly on your Chromebook itself.

What Cpu is in your Chromebook?

The followings are the the two easy methods:

Method 1: Using a Third-Party App

The first technique for survey what CPU runs in your Chome OS gadget utilizes a profoundly appraised Chrome web application. It furnishes a cleaner interface with more obvious data.

Start by opening the Chrome Web Store on your Chromebook and introducing “Pinion – System Info Viewer.” You can do this by tapping the “Add to Chrome” button found on the application’s page.

What CPU is in your chromebook? steps to check
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Whenever it’s introduced, open the application cabinet by tapping the launcher symbol in the base left corner of your screen, and afterward select the “Machine gear-piece” application.

The application will open and show data about your PC or laptop. You’ll see your Chromebook’s model name and preparing speed under the “Computer processor” segment.

This was the first method to check what CPU is in your Chromebook.

Method 2: Using the About System Page

The second technique for discovering what CPU is in your Chromebook doesn’t need any extra applications or expansions. On your Chrome OS gadget, open the Chrome program and type or glue chrome://framework into the location bar.

This will carry you to your Chromebook’s or Chromebox’s underlying “About System” page. There’s a great deal of data to take in on this page, however, we’re just inspired by a certain something. To discover the CPU model, search for the “cpuinfo” passage and snap “Extend.”

In the extended data board, search for “Model Name.” This will show the name of the CPU in your Chromebook. For my situation, it’s the Intel Core m3-6Y30. The processor’s speed will likewise be recorded close by the name.

What CPU is in your chromebook? steps to check
Follow the step

It’s as simple as that this strategy. It’s very simple to do on the off chance that you realize what to search for.

This was the second method to check what Cpu is in your chromebook.

Final Words

That is it! Directly forthright. You can utilize both of these strategies to discover different subtleties, for example, RAM, Chrome variant, and considerably more.

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