What is 5G Technology?

What is 5G?

What is 5G technology? Years ago no one had imagined that someday 5G would be available. It has been 10 years that it has become a reality and started rolling over. 5G internet access is now almost available in most of the countries depending on which phone and sim card you are using. But people are coming with questions that what 5G really is?

As 5G has been introduced to many countries, people are now interested to make plans which 5G phone should they buy. As it has build interest in the people; on the other hand, it has also risen many questions in their mind. People wonder where 5G is available and if they will ever see it in their life. Moreover, the discussion is still going on which carrier will come with the best 5G mobiles.

What is 5G Technology?
What is 5G Technology?

Most frequently asked questions are as follows:     

A) What is 5G technology?

b) How does 5G work?

What is 5G technology?

The most common question that is mostly asked is what is 5G. There are a lot of different answers to the above questions which we will discuss in this article.

Firstly, 5G is the abbreviation of 5th generation of mobile broadband that has just replaced 4G LTE connection. With the introduction of 5G, carriers have moved to the other level of speed in downloading and uploading data. Today it takes less time to communicate with wireless networks with the use of 5G technology.

4G phones that used to come previously, now they are inappropriate with 5G phones. 5G is a completely new technology that works on new frequencies and systems. What is 5G technology? As 5G works on new frequencies which is a wider one, it allows to work across a wider range of radio frequencies (RF), opening up new possibilities in the ultra high mmWave brands for carriers to widen their network offerings. Basically, it is more efficient to build more connections per tower and faster speed per user.

The growth of 5G

The architecture of the 5G network was set forth some years ago on 2016, but the ground work for 5G network was laid many years ago. Companies and people started making devices 5G supported since then. 5G network started being deployed in the early 2019.

Till now, 5G network hasn’t completely taken the market. But putting a glimpse at the history when 4G device was launched back in 2009 it took 4 years to overtake the market and was completely all over in 2013. The same 5G network will also take some time to completely take the market within 4 or 5 years.

How does 5G work?

Now that we have a brief introduction about the 5G network and you know that it is different from 4G LTE. To understand how 5G network works lets talk 5G spectrum. As we have stated before that 5G works on a wider range than current networks present. The most common form of 5G being used is Sub-6 and the mmWave(milimeter-wave).

All carriers have some form of sub- network. 5G network also refers to sub-6 that operates below 6GHz. Sub-6 has a lower radio frequency waves that can easily puncture walls and other hurdles and can also travel long distances. Which is why it is important in the rollout of 5G network. That means carriers can take larger networks without having to build thousands of cells in every city or country.

On the other hand, 5G network also uses the mmWave that is used to supercharge the 5G connections and boost the download speeds of multiple gigabytes per second. The mmWave uses the ultra high frequency radio waves between 30GHz and 300GHz. It shows that mmWave can hold an incredible amount of data and a lot of users simultaneously. That makes it best for mostly polluted cites and crowded ares.

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